Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Fresh Start

Her backpack is stuffed with brand new supplies.
Her lunch is packed with kisses,
and a sparkling black raspberry surprise.
The important keepsake pictures were snapped.
And of course her nails were done!
(Jamberry nails from Victoria)
She has been gone an hour and Bo keeps asking
"When is Annie coming home?"
It's boy time.
Which I love.
Now I just want to get out my love note journals
and write Annie a letter in hers.
Not to hard to figure out which one is hers :)
She will get it when she graduates.
I still need to find the perfect verse
to cover her school year in prayer and blessings.
And right before we go pick her up,
we will fill the house with the
smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
My big sis Kate has taught that this is a must!
Happy Third Grade Baby!
Let your confidence & sweetness shine!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Just darling! Your mama love is the best!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love all your sweet little things you do for her first day. The note on the napkin, the card. I agree the chocolate chips are a must! You ROCK! Have a great day Annie!


pollydove said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. I love everything about this! What a treasure those books will be for your children. You are such a great mommy! And the smell of cookies ... awesome. (Your picture of those cute boys running is too darling!!!!) :)

Beth Wade said...

I love that you leave her little notes on her lunch napkin! My mom did that for me, and I miss it. And the journal that she gets when she graduates is such a sweet idea. Congrats to Annie for reaching 3rd grade (with her usual grin)!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

you are just the best mom! love the notes and the journal! i wish i'd done this for my kids. what a priceless treasure you're creating for each of them!

Katharine said...

How sweet..all of it! She is going to have wonderful memories of first days of school!

Martina said...

So thoughtful and sweet Libbie - you gave Annie the best start a kid can have and find the sweetest ways to show your love. And - OMG. these nails! Have a gorgeous midweek sweet one, blessings!

It's me said...

Wowww what a sweet post and what an exciting day for her....so sweet...love Ria...xxx...

Catherine said...

Another school year has started ~ unbelievable!

Wishing you and your family a very happy September!

xo Catherine

Gloria said...

Awe...what a sweet mommy you are! Those journals will be cherished, I am sure. I hope Annie's first day was a happy one! :) Her nails look adorable. So do the boys all running and playing together.

Blessings for a beautiful day!


Shelley said...

So Sweet!

Can you believe my monkeys asked me to STOP leaving notes in their lunch boxes?!?

Jo said...

Beautiful. Everyone is maturing and growing up. Hope she had a great day at school.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You have the best way of making these special days perfect in every way. What a great mom you are. ((HUGS))

ilovemyhouse said...

In my next life i want you as my mother! (or sister)


Tammy said...

Annie has grown so much. And those boys are just as cute as ever. Wishing Annie a happy, successful school year. My oldest is a senior and my youngest a freshman. Time flies! Best wishes, Tammy

koralee said...

You are such a sweet mom...you find time for the most important things in life. Happy Grade 3 Annie..Love that age!!!! Hugs

Cassie said...

Love journals. SO sweet. What a cherishable book of memories you are creating.

Hope you are doing great, Libbie!