Friday, October 26, 2012

Party Animals

Last night, I thought I was so smart...Kelly was at a Vikings Game I was home with the kids, and I was tired! 
At 6:50 I said, "Get your Jammies on!"  And at 7:00 I shoved them all into bed with prayers and kisses. 
Ahhhhhhhh.  Silence.
Until about 5:50 this morning,
 when I was pretty sure there was a frat party downstairs.
It turns out I was right.
Music Blaring.
3 boys streaking through the living room in their
Spidey Tighties.
Spiderman Underwear, Mens Spiderman Underwear, Spider Sense Danger Alert Briefs
1 screaming and giggling girl chasing the boys.
I turned to Kelly & said, "Do you think they are drunk?"
He was pretty sure they weren't since the only time we had
alcohol in the house was to make some Tastefully Simple beer bread, and their sippy cups were filled with
milk (thank you Annie).
So today, I pay.
I managed to shoo the girl out the door
and get clothes on the boys.
 (well almost all their clothes)
But their batteries are charged and they are wild as ever.
Think I'll go give them some naps! 
(I never learn:)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my, I wish I could bottle that energy. Good luck today!

It's me said...

O my !,!!!...Wishing you i hope a relax

Martina said...

Ha ha, and look at their innicent faces! But you know, i so admire you for coping with things the way you do! Boyz - a noise with dirt on! But you just have to love them! Hugs! xox

Auntie Cake said...

I can hear them laughing from here!

pollydove said...

Oh man ... been there, done that. I used to have an early riser and I quickly taught her how to push two buttons all by herself at age 2: On - on the TV, and Play - on the VCR! It was Dumbo every morning. Zzzzzz.

Theresa said...

Those cuties are getting so big so fast! Don't let them gang up on you Libbie :) I really do miss those days! Oh my gosh, they are too stinkin cute! love, t.xoxoxo

Cheyenne said...

I love nothing more than some wild kids. You painted such a hilariously, awesome picture of these CUTIE PIE hungabees this mornin'! Although exhausting---I gotta' say this is where it's at, sister!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! If you make them sleep early, they will wake up early, that's for sure. And that would be okay if they were entertaining themselves quietly at 6 a.m. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy