Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So I'm Crazy...

Last night it was snowing like crazy. 
Big fat snowflakes coming down so hard that I could barely see, even a car length ahead of me, driving home late from Target.
So at 10:00 when I got home I ran in,
dumped Kit & the groceries on Kelly
& grabbed my phone to call my college roomie.
She didn't answer.
So I called her again.
and again.
See where it says Rensen?
Yes...I called her 7 times...in a row!
So I left a message telling her why I was calling.
And when I had finally given up,
my phone rang.
It was her.
She was singing.
And I said so desperately happy, "Are your shoes on?"
"Is your jacket on?"
I said & I ran outside.
Are we sang & danced in the falling snow together.
She was at her house & I was at mine.
And it still makes me smile now.
& by the time we were done dancing the snow had stopped.
We hadn't missed it.
I even took a picture of my tracks because they just made me smile.
Yep, I was twirling & leaping.
In college Rach & I fell in love with the song
The Snowfoot Waltz
by The Divers
It's a love story.
If you don't have it on your ipod YOU NEED IT!
Especially if you have kids or you live where it snows.
Best 99 cents you will ever spend.
& it will always be
"our song"
Dance with me
Through the falling snow.
The temperature's fine for three-quarter time
And there's no better ballroom I know.
Dance with me
Through the empty streets.
The traffic is dead
And there's a tune in my head,
And without you it won't be complete
to do the Snowfoot Waltz.
Love Ya Rach!


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Too funny Libbie,and oh my goodness that picture is Annie all over.for a minute i thought it was her....Thanks also for the lovely wishes for Kerry and Jaxon i appricate it and i love that the kiddies loved their gifts-love dee x

Pen Pen said...

Awesome!! What a sweet and fun thing to do!

ShannonAnn said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this yu crazy girls!! Miss you both Rach and Lib!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm going to download that song.
Sounds like a lot of fun and a great friendship!

Trisha said...

How fun! College roommates are the best!


Marissa said...

Libbie, you make me want to go out grab my bff and dance, but wait... there is no snow.. and it hasn't rained in like forever!! we are in drought.. maybe Ill just do the happy dance in my back yard because its a beautiful and the weather is amazing here in Tx is time of year.. loved this post!!!

pollydove said...

this makes me smile from ear to ear!!!!

It's me said...

You make me smile from ear to ear today !! yeah !!!...love Ria...xxx...

Anonymous said...

That story made me smile the whole way through!! That is so sweet and such a cool memory for the two of you. It's nice to hear you still call each other and do the silly things you did back then...now. That is what makes you such an awesome person! You know how to have fun! You grab a hold of it and go! Your personality always shines through your stories! You Rock Lady! I know that's a lot of compliments...I hope your head fits through the door after you read this:0) LOL

Pam said...

I love reading your blog. Shelby's right - you're awesome! :)

Ella Griffiths said...

Hello! I was thinking about entering the kids blog contest! Also would you mind checking out my blog and maybe following? Thanks so much!


~Ellie:) xxx

Martina said...

What a cute story and idea Libbie -so full of friendship, fun and love of life!
You're really one of my top favorite mum bloggers and so i thought - maybe you - and your gang of five - would like to be in our magazine KidsLife. I was thinking of starting a new series called "This is how we live! - Portraits of mum bloggers in different countries and continents. What do you think?
I'd send you some questions for an E-mail interview.
Hugs from germany!