Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We love her...

Miss Hannigan...
she's a big part of our lives here.
We sing her songs,
we quote her,
we love her.
Having a kid named Annie you see that play a lot.
(We are kinda lucky :)
My little sister's daughter has seen it too.

When they have clean up time at their house she actually says,
"Mom...say 'Get to work you rotten orphans!'
"Say 'You're gonna work until this dump shines like the top of the Chrystler building!'"
"Mom, don't help us...just walk around & yell at us!"
So...she calls them rotten orphans & makes them clean :)
& they love it!
At our house we like the line,
"We're not having hot mush for breakfast,
we're having cold mush!"
The kids groan but they actually love cold mush!
I get lots of requests for "morning mush" from the kids & today Annie brought her teacher a jar of it.
It was good practice for Annie writing
a recipe to pass along with the jar.
I love how she spelled Vanilla:
Morning Mush
                                         1/2 C Oats
                                         1T Peanut Butter
                                         1 container vanilla Greek yogurt
                                         Ground flaxseed
                                         Fresh or frozen berries
                                         Mix & Eat
We like the Dannon 2x protein vanilla greek yogurt
Frozen berries are actually fab in here!
Hope you get a chance to try a little morning mush.
Miss Hannigan would be proud :)


Pen Pen said...

I love the movie Annie, too. And of course, I think your Annie could play her part in any production! Morning mush.....looks yummy!

pat/susie/resortmom said...

I had tears in my eyes just laughing and seeing your niece's little pity face just delighting in her mother talking like Miss stinkin cute! Great start to my day! Now I'll be singing all the Annie songs all day around the resort! I love reading about your family's fun!

Theresa said...

Loved this and I will for sure be making cold mush in a jar very soon! We have yogurt parfaits most every Sunday for our "famous Sunday breakfast" dubbed that by Max. I think the parfaits are what make it famous! love, t.xooxoxxo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Cute story about your love for "Annie" and thanks for the recipe.

Unknown said...

I am sure Mrs J will love it too!


I haven't had any breakfast mush! Looks great!
Exciting to go to the ocean for a family vacation!
Texting and riding a bike...that is a first!
You are a busy Mom!

It's me said...

It looks and sound good...nice in that from me darling...enjoy the for Annie !..and you!!

MS/AC Fan said...

Sweet that you sent some mush to your teacher too :) You are a little too creative.

Can do mom said...

This post made me laugh! We quote Miss Hannigan, too. My children could rattle all those off and a few more as well!