Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Night, Two Parties...

Usually on a Saturday night we are doing...

well, not much.

Like last night for excitement the kids were riding their bikes through the sprinkler.  My new neighbor was out tending her lawn & I saw her and peeking over with just her eyeballs, I'm sure wondering what the rowdy bunch was up to now.  I yelled a greeting & she called back smiling, "I think it's awesome."  I think she was just glad we actually were watering our lawn!

But LAST Saturday...

ooooooo...did we have fun!!!
First, we were invited to the kids' party of the year...
Marble painting & spin art...

An Arcade Tent...

Even Swimming!
But the kids had crazy fun when they pulled out camo marshmallow shooters handmade for each kid!!!
4 for my family alone!
The girls posted up top to shoot
at the dozen boys running around below.

Roo just walked around eatin' the ammo :)
All too soon we left the kids with the sitters
& headed to my little sister's housewarming party!
It was decorated by

And was it ever fabulous! 

It felt so ritzy that I almost felt like a movie star :)
but then I looked down at my hands...

Okay, so I am not movie star material...
I'm okay with that...
and glad that it soon got dark so
no one could see my spin art hands.

And as night just got more beautiful.

Too soon the clock struck "midnight"
& the Cinderella magic was gone.
Back to our own,
ride our bikes through the sprinkler on a Saturday night,
But these pictures are my glass slipper...
I'll always have them to remind me
of our magical night.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Two awesome parties!! The one at your sisters was spectacular.....

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Wonderful and I bet you wouldn't change any of it for all the money in the world-love dee x

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Absolutely wonderful parties! Suddenly I want to put a wing back chair and a chandelier outside! Magical indeed!

And your kiddo our life too :) And a wonderful life indeed.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
Gosh it was great coming by here tonight. Both parties were amazing and Katie's decorations were out of this world incredible.
You both really have a gift for decorating and throwing the best parties.
I am in awe of how you captured such awesome pictures.
Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me such a sweet comment.
I think of you so often wondering how your doing.
I loved my visit tonight and I love you