Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Just Perfect!!!!

I don't know if I should admit this but...
..sometimes when we are just living life...
I hear it in a blog post.
And when we were carving pumpkins...
I knew it was happening,
I heard our lives in a story
 & ran around snapping pictures to complete our book.
So here is our story...
Rocco's Pumpkin
As told by Mom
Rocco wanted a Pumpkin.
So, he went to the pumpkin patch with his family.
He ran through the straw maze,
danced in the corn,
and even gathered up enough courage to hug the scary witch.
But, the best part of all was that Rocco got his pumpkin.
heavy pumpkin.
And he took it home.
All the kids drew out faces for their pumpkins
Then, they scooped out the cold slimy guts.
They toasted up the seeds until they turned brown & crunchy.
Rocco nibbled on the seeds while he waited for
his turn to have Mom carve HIS pumpkin.
And when it was finished
he sat back and looked at it.
He liked it!
He saw the other pumpkins.
When Annie's pumpkin was done he said,
"I wish my pumpkin had teeth like Annie's!"
But his mom said, "No Rocco, your pumpkin is just perfect."
Then, when he saw Bo's pumpkin he said,
"I wish my pumpkin had a scary mouth like Bo's!"
But his mom said, "No Rocco, your pumpkin is just perfect."
And when he saw Roo's pumpkin he said,
"I wish my pumpkin had ears like Roo's!"
and he held some ears up to his pumpkin.
But his mom said, "No Rocco, your pumpkin is perfect."
Then, his mom put some candles into his pumpkin.
She told Rocco to follow her.
She carried it into the bathroom,
shut the door,
and turned out the lights.
Finally. Rocco smiled, and said, "It's just perfect!"
True Story.
You might be wondering, "Where is Kit's pumpkin? 
But he didn't need one...because he is one.

I am going to turn this into a hard covered book
for Rocco for Christmas.
I can hardly wait!
Happy Halloween!
Please do not use any part of this story or photos. 
I don't usually care...but this feels like a part of me.


Little Penpen said...

PRECIOUS!! And yes, it's just perfect!

Jo said...

Love the story. Glad he was finally happy with his pumpkin. Yay for happy endings. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! and love the story teller and cast of characters!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's a perfect story and a perfect pumpkin. Reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Way to go Rocco and all the pumpkins are perfect, especially Kit!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Libbie this is the most beautiful story I have read.I know Roco will cherish this book when he is older and I can see it being read by Roco to his kids at Halloween and it will be his Halloween tradition .Libbie you are wonderful so glad we are friends and that in some tiny part I am part of your story-love dee x

Martina said...

Oooooh Libbie, this is the cutest little Halloween story! I love the pix, the message and how you tell it - just perfect for a book! Have a happy weekend!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! So absolutely adorable! I love all the pumpkins and his is just so very special. I love that they drew out what they wanted and then they (or you :) made it happen. Cute! Happy November, Tammy