Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break

This year my kids had an extra long
Spring Break, a week & a half.
The first day of break Annie & I typed out
a list of things we were going to, or really wanted to, do. 
 Tomorrow is the very last day before
heading back to school on Monday
& we got everything on this list checked off:

They did a lot of fun "stuff"
but that's not what made it special.
It was the smiles.

The excitement of trying things for the first time.

But, as exciting as learning to ski AND going down your first "black diamond" all on the same night is,
(That is my husband for you)
lots of the "specialness" was in our own kitchen.
In the quiet moments of concentration & togetherness.
 In my amazement as I watched her work,
she designed & filmed her own cooking show episodes
& started a new cooking blog.
In the wonderment of a new fish.

Everyday was special.
Because I had my 5,
and they love each other.
Do you get a Spring Break?
Trisha from American Honey Home You won the
Email & she will get that to you!


It's me said...

O my....i always enjoy your you and your from me...x !

Little Penpen said...

I love the pic of the kids looking into the water. And love the picture of the baby watching the fish! I plan to check out Annie's sweet cooking blog.

Trisha said...

You guys got so much done in such a short amount of time-way to go! Looks like you had a lot of fun the whole time! I can't believe I won...yay and thank you!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw honey you always put a huge smile on the ole face of mine.
Amazing that you guys did everything on your big list. What a great list it was too.
Can't wait to see Annie's new cooking blog. She is so much like her incredible mother and I love you all so much.
Sending you warm wishes for Spring to make it to you soon.
It is warming up here during the afternoons and oh boy did I ever need it. lol
Now I have to see what Annie has done.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

looks like you had a great time...its not how much money you spend on the kids or on outings that matter it is the time spent together that means everything-love dee x

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Libbie I just left Annie's new blog and watched her amazing cooking video. OH my she is so grown up and presented her yummy pita's so well.
I can not tell you how much I enjoyed seeing a video of her, hearing her voice and watching her made my day but when her brothers came out to sample the dish was like I told Annie the icing on the cake for me. Made me cry to see all of your babies and their growing up way to fast.
How proud I am of all of them and you my friend

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What an awesome Spring break, they are so blessed to have you for their mom!

Shelby Beach said...

That is the cutest sweetest spring break ever! I love it! I'm going to make a list with my kids our spring break starts next week. At the top of my list is coffee with lib;0)

Shelby Beach said...

That is the cutest sweetest spring break ever! I love it! I am going to write a list for the girls spring break. On the top of my list is coffee with Lib!

Martina said...

Wow, amazing you got to do all these fun things! And see how good a list can be - and making plans! And dreams come true! Happy start of April to you!