Monday, October 25, 2010

Spooky Farm

We went to a little family farm market to get pumkins this weekend.  The whole yard was decorated!  It was amazing!!!  The  wife does all  the decorating by herself!  Here is just a little peek:

This witch hanging from the tree was my favorite! 
 Look at the black cat on the back of her broom!
So Kelly & I sat back & watched the kids pick out their pumpkins:
(He was much better looking when I married him,
his eyeballs weren't so hairy).
Rocco seemed to like the green ones.
Annie picked out the prettiest
(most expensive one there, of course).
Okay...not so pretty, but she was in love.
And tough guy Bo...he was NOT leaving the wagon
because of all the spookies around there.
While Annie acted brave...well, not too brave.
And you know the little problem I have been
having with treats lately? 
 Of course we left with these homeade goodies
(plus a a little sack of cookies which never made it home).
But this little number in the front...HEAVEN IN A JAR!!!!! 

I am thinking it would make an awesome gift
for Sunday School teachers. 
Oh & of course you Marcia :)

So, after Halloween Annie & I will be trying out
a few spoon fudge recipies & if they
 turn out any good...I'll let you know.  

Let me know if you have Pumpkin Patch
pictures to swing by & see! 
 I LOVE them!!!

MN friends...we visited
if you want to go take a peek for yourselves!


blueviolet said...

I wish I was in MN because that is clearly a place worth visiting! I love Annie's knobbly pumpkin!

MS/AC Fan said...

Can't wait to see what you make Annie's highly peculiar pumpkin into. can't believe you bought it. :)

bunny said...

Annie has good taste in pumpkin picking...I like the ones with character too! Too spooky for me.

have a good one...especially with the fudge~


sh3ri3 said...

Love it! wish we had something like that over here in the UK - Halloween dosnt seem to be a big holiday over here boo hoo coz i love it!

-stephanie- said...

What fun! I'm partial to green pumpkins too, but my favorite was the tiny pumpkin with the long stem! I love a good stem.

Those treats looked heavenly. I love fall treats.

clau said...

Hi beautiful!!! Love these captures and all those creepy witches and ghosts!!The children are gorgeous!!You know in Sicily (Where I live) we don't celebrate Halloween but we have a very similar " magic dark day" names all Saints' day! The day after the first of November, all the kids in Sicily receive a gift , especially a lot of candy and toys , from "dead people".We also eat some delicious cookies called "The dead's bones".We make them with flour , sugar and cloves and they are so yummy!
Sorry for my bad English!
Hugs for you!

koralee said...

What fun....I have made this before...I call them.... Little Jars of Sin!


Victoria said...

I'm definitely interested in the spoon fudge! I might have to hunt up some recipes. Tonight I'm making apple fritters!
That farm is just awesome. We used to have some great "haunted houses" up the street but I think one of the families moved away. I don't think anyone is going to put up the houses this year.
I hope you guys have fun with your pumpkins and treats! Savor the fudge a little for me!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Libbie is it my imagination are has Annie grown a foot or two. She sure looks like she is getting tall. Of course she has always been so beautiful.
Funny the pumpkin she picked out though...hahaha
Always love my visits by here. I would have loved to been there at the pumpkin farm with you all.

Anonymous said...

What a neat place. You are such a fun Mom. You are always doing such creative and sweet things with your kids.

Theresa said...

Spoon fudge? that sounds downright dangerous! xoxo

Marla said...

You guys have the best adventures!

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