Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day was going perfectly & the kids were being so sweet.  Rocco ran to meet Annie at the door & when she saw all the balloons her eyes got big & she said, "Wow!  You guys lit this place up like it's dynamite."  :) 

She came home as every first grader should,
filthy from a hard day of play &
a bag full of Valentine's tight in her fist.
She couldn't wait to get to the table to open her bag.
She passed them out to the boys too.
"Bo you can have this Buzz Lightyear one."
"Rocco, here is some candy for you."
Since she goes to a private school
they can give homeade food,
look at these little tarts
filled with jam she got!
So sweet.

She shared so much that Bo grabbed her face
& pulled her over for a kiss!

I was thrilled to have caught it on camera!!!
Dinner time came
& I was excited because I planned
a chocolate fondue dinner!

I thought how fun for the kids
& yummy for me.
(Steak for Kel)

Besides, look what the box says:
Now THAT is the trick.
Whoever came up with the slogan did not really
know what was in the box.

Here look:
Skewers + Bo = 
I have no idea why I did not
see this coming!

I feel so stupid now!

"Bo, why is that balloon losing air?"
"Bo, give me that skewer....
...now where did you get THAT one?"

"Bo!  Leave those hearts alone."
"Bo, why are there all these
holes in the table cloth?"

(Which by the way was the first
 time in my life I ever bought a plastic
table cloth but I just could foresee
chocolate all over.  Smartest thing I did all day)

And then there was Rocco:
and this is only 2 minutes into it.
He went straight into the tub.

Annie & Kelly's faces say it all:
After I said:

"Bo!  You almost poked me in the eye!"

I excused Bo thinking it would be much safer,
but then I still found myself saying,

"Bo!  Did you seriously just whack me in the
back of the head with the broom while I am
eating?  Put it away!"

"Bo!  Where on earth did you
get that hockey stick? 
Put it back down stairs!"

Oh my :) 

At one point Kelly said, "I think we are
beginning to lose control here."

I looked at him & laughed,
 "Beginning to?  It is gone."

He looked me in the eye,
"Really, do you really think so?"

Yes Hon.

Annie was the only kid who
really was ready for this :)
The funny thing is even though it was messy
AND dangerous
It was a really nice night.
Special even.

And that is the magic of Valentine's Day :)


pollydove said...

Ha ha ha!!!! That is hilarious! And how sweet of Annie to share! (I need to get a fondue pot!)

Trisha said...

Oh little boys are so much fun...can't wait to have one of my own someday! It looks like you guys had a great and very memorable Valentine's Day-perfection!!


MS/AC Fan said...

Bo Bo. The world would be so boring without your constant exploration :)
I thought your 'sit down~relax~fondue' would be debunked by the fact that you have to keep stirring it as it melts. I burnt my first bag of choc chips. I just assumed if there was a pot meant to melt choc in~ you could pour in & walk away~ not the case!

Two Shades of Pink said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! This is so funny! We did fondue one Christmas and it went great! Your Bo makes me laugh so hard! And all the expressions from Kelly and Annie are a RIOT! So happy you created such wonderful and funny memories for Valentines Day!

smilernpb said...

What a lovely post. I just love Annie's face in the very first picture. And hmmm, skewers lol - perhaps you should have guessed what might happen! xo

marie said...

Annie is such a sweetie and kudos to Bo for realizing it!

Your whole family just blesses my heart!

Jo said...

Hahaha, I love this post. I thought my son was the only one who did those things. Glad overall it was a good night. It sounds like a fun idea.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

too cute! how sweet it was for annie to share.

Beth said...

Heeheeee....well, you have pretty mature kiddos, so I can see not realizing how the skewers and such might make a messier dinner than planned. I recall having fondue with my family for dinner, but not really younger than age 10 or so. ;)

It sounds like, despite the craziness, it was a really special day for everyone. And SO SWEET that Annie shared her candy with her brothers. :D

christy rose said...

Love the kissing picture!! Just melts my heart to see siblings love on each other!

And you are the bravest momma to try fondue with your little ones. I laughed reading the whole post knowing that you probably were not even exaggerating one bit. LOL I am sure it will be a memory for a lifetime though. :)

A Serenade for Solitude said...

This post cracks me up! Such funny kiddos. It's so hard keeping up with them some times...and sorry you got wacked in the head! I imagined myself and my son when you said that. Lol.

koralee said...

Oh my goodness...HOW SPECIAL!!! Thank you for sharing all the ups and downs....your downs make me laugh...sorry my friend! Your family does win the award of MOST ADORABLE REAL FAMILY EVER! xoxoxo

Shelley said...

Love the sweet kiss picture!!!
Crazy kids!! :)

Pen Pen said...

Annie is precious... and so are Bo and Rocco! I remember those days well and I love that you blog about it, so that I can relive those precious memories. Those details are the kind of things we tend to forget when we get older... thanks for sharing!!! You guys really made Valentine's Day special at your house!

ilovemyhouse said...

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I'm having a small blogbreak but will start posting again soon.Your post about Valentine is too funny.

Karen said...

LOL!!!! Really! Oh I love the concept and Valentine skewers! Ha, ha,....sorry, just can't stop!

blueviolet said...

Reading that just tickled me to no end!

Can do mom said...

Bo reminds me a great deal of my young son, Daniel. Poor Daniel's a little under the weather today and I feel guilty for admitting this but at one point I thought, I can tell he's not feeling good because he's just TOO good today. Mellow, peaceful, easy even. A sad commentary on this mom, I'm sure.

Your post was hilarious! I enjoyed every photo and every funny word! Thanks for making my day - and go ahead and hide those dangerous weapons... I know all about kitchen utensils becoming weapons, believe me!

Emily said...

Too funny! Love the photo of you husband and daughter looking over at the boys. I have a little brother (my mom is the comment above) and he's very similar. :) So I know about brooms and hockey sticks.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Fun and sweet post Libbie!!
Enjoy a happy day xxxxx

Kristi said...

I just laughed and laughed all through this! Oh, I like Bo. LOL


Martina said...

Ha, that reminds me of another evening, at a kids b-day party, when my sons where about 5 and i wanted to make chocolate fondue. It was impossible to make that wild bunch of boys come and sit down, even for chocolate! You're so lucky to have a girl like Annie - but, i love Bo just as well!

Martina said...

Whoohoo Libbie, you won my giveaway! Send me your postal adress to

Linda said...

How cute! What a sweet family you have!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
And oh please keep the snow- I do not want anymore here in Colorado!
Best Wishes,

Marla said...

Seriously, this post is awesome! Our family loves fondue night. Now I know what we are missing though. BO!!

Annie said...

chocolate all over here happens all thetime.