Saturday, February 12, 2011

We've Got Spirit!

Spirit Week in a big deal at Annie's school...a whole week without uniforms!  But hard on a mom!  Hard to came up with all these crazy outfits!  But the worst was MISMATCHED know how I feel about colored socks how about a whole crazy colorful outfit! almost KILLED me to let her out of the house like this!  Her poor teacher having to look out onto a sea of kids all mismatched :)
When she got home I said,
"Why don't you run upstairs & change quick."  :)

Then I finally get her to take the stuff off
& I turn around & there is Rocco:
He really got them on by himself~
I didn't even know he could do that!
Very mad at that shoe!
Thank goodness the next day was
Super Hero Day! 
My mom helped me whip up a costume the night before while I was visiting her.  When Bo saw her cape he grabbed his gear too :)
You KNOW I love my super heros!

"Here, turn around now so
I can see your capes."
"Rocco!  Move it!"
You KNOW if I wanted a picture
of him I could NEVER get one :)
Anybody need to be rescued?
Hope you are all getting ready for Valentine's Day! 
I can't wait!!!


Susan said...

So cUTE! I had to laugh when I read about mismatch day. You know I teach school, and one year on mismatch day I had to leave school early because I was SO sick! I don't suppose it was really because the kids clothes made me DIZZY! But it sure was a funny coincidence!

koralee said...

Adorable once again...we have dress up days at our school but never for a whole! That is a lot of work for the parents.

Happy Valentine's Weekend to you my friend. xoxo

Theresa said...

These are so cute! Hannah only had spirit day this time so she wore mismatched red and black socks over her jeans and a raider shirt, so cute! Rocco is too stinkin cute... and I love the silver shoes too, no wonder he is frustrated with it, we all want to wear them! Happy Sunday! Have a starbucks for me! Theresa xoxo

Trisha said...

You are such a sweet friend with such beautiful children! What fun Spirit week is! She looks absolutely adorable all mismatched and such...thank you for your friendship!


A Serenade for Solitude said...

Your kids are so sweet and cute! I love the family stories...:)

I'm excited for Valentine's too! Can't wait to hear about what you did. You always have such great ideas.

P.S. Thanks for posting about my giveaway! Remember you can add that to the giveaway post for another entry! xx

Beth said...

Your kids are adorable! :D
I had Spirit Week in high school, but never younger. Lucky her for getting to have fun dressing up for it at such a young age! :)

clau said...

ahahah the most cutest superheroes I've ever seen in my life!!!They are so adoralbe!!

pinkstilettos said...

You have the cutest Kids.... love your new blog design with the polkadots!!

Two Shades of Pink said...

I love it! There is no way I could do a week of mismatched clothes, costumes, etc. Uniforms make my life soooo much easier! Those superhero costumes are just PRECIOUS! and you know, I don't even remember spirit week at school? I do remember having to wear my field hockey or lacrosse uniform on game days and loved it because I did have to think about what I was going to wear. Am I putting too much though into this? I think so. Summing up: your kids are scrumptious and adorable as usual.

Emily said...

That is too adorable. I love the mismatched outfit. :) The majority must be pink of course.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those pictures are adorable. What a fun week for her. I think that mismatched day would bother me too! Rocco putting on her things is cute too cute.

Anonymous said...

Just adorable!! I laughed so hard when I saw sweet little Rocco in those bright colored socks, that is just toooo cute! My kids all loved Spirit Week at school. What fun it must be to live at your place. Love all these pictures! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Those cuties have lots of spirit!

April said...

Call me crazy, but I'm digging the crazy mis-matched outfit! I LOVE to see what my 5 year old comes down stairs wearing every morning!

Sara @Osmosis said...

It's spirit week for us this week. We start with pj day... at least it's warmer. There's a day where each class has a color to wear. Poor 5th grader has to wear red... his least fav color. 3rd grade gets green... to match his eyes :)

Karen said...

Those Super Heroes can rescue me ANY time! Love the mis-matches, too.

Can do mom said...

The cutest Super Heroes ever! :)

I think Rocco needs a cape too.


Shelley said...

We are going to be mismatched when you come this week - just to drive you crazy. :)

YHOSIE said...

but i love the mismatched outfit more coz i think we wont do that ever again..
and it is FUN to have the idea sometimes hahaha


Marla said...

I am such a fashion maven (NOT) that my kids did mismatched day every day. Poor kids. Hey, I can barely dress myself.