Friday, March 4, 2011

Boy or Girl???

"Hon, I am going up to
pray & read with Annie.  You got the boys."

20 minutes later...

"Bo!  Why are all the cushions off
the all the couches!"
(That little white circle in the middle is Rocco's buns.)
"Bo, where is dad?"
Now why didn't I see that coming?
People often ask me if I am having a boy or a girl.
I don't know, but everything in me says another crazy boy.

But this week I won a giveaway by 
(amazing mom, baker, artist...)

A giftcard to the most FABULOUS baby boutique!

Oh my...if you need a special gift...

Even though everything in me is screaming BOY,
look what I picked!

I mean could I not? 

So even though I love love love my boys
I kinda need a little girl :)

These adorable bloomers will look funny
on my baby boy...
...but don't think I won't try it.

But now my lil' sis Rach who is expecting a month after me is praying I have a boy so she can get her hands on these bloomers.

Tricia has great prices, amazing designs
 & my package arrived so fast! 



MS/AC Fan said...

Please God,
Give Libbie a boy and me a girl. Please, I need those bloomers & headband!!!!
-Youngest sister

April said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun they were having in all those cushions. Hoping you get a little girl to fill those adorable bloomers and wear that adorable headband. Hugs

Shelley said...

I can't wait to hold either one you have!!

A Serenade for Solitude said...

This is so sweet and funny. Those boys...stinkers, they are, aren't they? I am SO glad you got your hands on some sweet bloomers. I don't even have a tiny girl to wear them and think I want to order some!! Darling. And Tricia--she is just as talented as they come. Have a GREAT weekend! xx

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh my I wish I had those bloomers when my girls were babies. I am hoping it is a girl too but that precious bundle will be loved no matter what! I so wish I lived closer to get some baby lovins! And how cute are your boys with the cushions? All your boys!

Catherine said...

LOL ~ love the boys (big and little) and the pillows ~ classic!

Hope March is being kind to you and that you are feeling well ~ I totally would have gone on a 'cookie run' below.... ;)
xo Catherine

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

what adorable little bloomers! i have three grandsons and one granddaughter. love my boys but i'm sure hoping that the next one (don't know when it will happen) will be a girl.

koralee said...

Boy....girl? hmmmmmm....these bloomers are so so sweet. I love your images of your husband with your much joy and love happening in that home of yours. xooxox Happy weekend

tricia said...

Awesome!! Thanks I can make denim ones for boys too!

Victoria said...

I think you need a girl just to balance things out. :) Either way, you'll have a cutie pie. And those bloomers are so sweet! How much longer to go?

Pen Pen said...

I sent you the email about the sex of the baby before I read your post! I love those bloomers!!! Can't wait to see her or "him" in them. Your kids have a cool dad... what fun they must have had with all the cushions in the floor.

Emily said...

How precious. I hope you are blessed with a baby girl. :) Fingers crossed.

michelle said...

Oh I had to laugh at your first pictures, that is exactly what my son does, he LOVES to take all the cushions off and play with them. :) Those bloomers are so adorable!! Oh I would have had to have them too!

yhosie said...

boys will always be boys :D
hope u get a baby girl
but, a younger sister might join her big brothers in those bloomers too.. :p

Xo ..

Anonymous said...

How cute!! I did not know you were expecting. I am so happy for you! Pray your feeling well.

Marla said...

This post got a giggle out of me. I just KNEW my 2nd was a girl. 100% positive. He does scream like a girl when I pinch him so I wasn't completely wrong. :-)

Gloria said...

How cute!! Funny post!! Thanks for the smiles today!!! Ha! :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw I am hoping for a little girl too so you and Anne won't be so out numbered. lol
Love honey what you picked out So cute
Kate came by and left me a comment I was so happy to hear from her.
Love ya