Saturday, March 26, 2011


First of all
to all who suggested names!
It has been a crazy week & I haven't done a very good job getting around to everyone but I really enjoyed looking through your names! 
Not much longer now! 

This week I received a special little package from Germany!
Martina of
sent me a little set of her amazing cards! 

She is truly an artist.  Her art work makes me smile & feel happy!   You should VISIT HER if you want to smile! 

I can't wait to get the perfect frame to put one up!

She wrapped them all up so sweetly
& wrote me a little note in one of her cards...

...this card turned out to be my favorite one of all!
It just reminded me of my boys sitting so sweetly
at the table together.

Just like my boys...see?
"Bo?  What are you doing?"
"I am changing his diaper."
"Okay...get some wet wipes."
(actual conversation)

So maybe my boys don't sit like that for long...
but there sure is beauty in it :)

Thanks Martina!!!!


Victoria said...

How cute! The cards are precious. I can't wait to know which name you guys decided on! I love baby names.

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Those cards are adorable! Hope you are doing well!

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a sweet package from Martina!
she is absolutely amazing and you so deserve the sweetness.

so excited for you, hope the last bit is a smooth one.
hugs to you ♥

Cassie {A Serenade for Solitude} said...

I can't wait to get my own set of these lovely cards!! Your sweet ones make me smile. How'd I miss the names post?? Can't wait to hear what you're choosing! xx, cbm

MS/AC Fan said...

One of these days we will have to teach him to sit NEXT to the baby rather than on, while changing diapers ;) Funny Bo Bo! :)

Martina said...

Libbie!!!! OMG, thank you for this sweet post! Makes me so happy!
Your boys are the cutest - the look on his face! Awwwww, i love boys, especially in that age ( but of course you can call yourself lucky to have girls too) ;) Love for a fun sunday!

Jessie Thompson said...

Your posts make me excited and terrified for my two boys to get a little older!:)

koralee said...

Martina is a sweetie and so very talented.

I do love your sweet boys...they always make me smile...happy new week my friend. xoxoxo Hope you are hanging in there. .....the time for your new wee one to arrive is very very soon. xoxoxo

michelle said...

Martina is so sweet and talented and I love the cards that you received. Your boys are so adorable and wonderful Libbie!
Have a wonderful day. :)

YHOSIE said...

hahaha.. boys will be boys ..
they'r super cute!


Pen Pen said...

you crack me up! The cards are beautiful and I love the picture of your two precious boys following the sweet little boys no the card!

Karen said...

Bwuaaahaaa! love this and yes those are gorgeous cards!

Marla said...

The cards are awesome but that last photo.....