Sunday, July 17, 2011

Angie's Watermelon

So, since I introduced you to my cousin Angie
I thought I would share one of her ideas with you.
You can't know me with out knowing Angie.
Born about 2 months before me she is my DOUBLE cousin. 
My mom & her Dad are siblings
AND my Dad & her mom are sibling.
Got that?

We played together as children,
best friends as teens,
graduated together,
ran & rollerbladed MANY MANY miles together,
were in each other's weddings,
and we still hang :)

She ALWAYS has fun in store for me.
I need her.

Last Summer, to the 4th of July Party she brought watermelon.

It was sooo refreshing!

Just cut watermelon into popsicle shapes,
slip it onto a popsicle or lollipop stick,
wrap in tin foil,
& a few hours later you will have the perfect treat!

It took about 15 frames to get a good
"eating watermelon" pic :)
This one cracks me up.

I let it sit for a few minutes before I enjoy it.

Also if your watermelon is on the cusp of old age,
and you can't eat another bite before it goes bad...

...I use my melon baller and put single serving portions into plastic ziplocs, pop them in the freezer and then pull them out to eat instead of ice cream.

Let me know if you try it!
Thanks Ang!


It's me said...


LibbiesHome said...

Ooooh Libbie! That looks so refreshing! It's gonna be hot here this week, so I might just need to make some of those! Thanks :)

Jo said...

That's an awesome idea. I'm gonna have to bring those to the next get together with the in-laws. Easy and the kids will love to eat them (not to mention they will be healthy for them). TFS!

koralee said...

What cute images today my this idea. Now all we need is some sunshine days instead of our rain to try this out!

xoxoxox Happy new week to you.

michelle said...

How wonderful that you have such a close friend that is family! The watermelon looks so good and refreshing right now, it is HOT!!!! Love Annie's pics, she is adorable. :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

what a neat thing (the cousin part) AND the watermelon idea is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea, bet that is some really cold watermelon though. Love the pictures of Annie eating that frozen watermelon. Hugs

Victoria said...

This is just about the only way my dad will eat watermelon. He'll cut it up and de-seed it, put a portion of it in the fridge, and then the rest goes out in the deep freezer. I'm not a watermelon eater now the way I was as a kid, but it's still a special treat.

I also thought I should let you know that whenever I email you or post a comment I get a delivery failed notification from your email. So I haven't fallen out of touch, I'm just having trouble getting things through. :)

All of your recent posts seem like you're having a blast. Keep at it! Enjoy your weekend!

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