Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Party Tips

If you are having a party, my new favorite thing to do is:
Create personalized party labels
*create simple labels (I used Microsoft Publisher)
*send them to your local print shop via email
*have them printed on large clear sticky backs
*pick up
*stick them on everything! 

A few bucks goes a loooong way!

A little "Thank You" tag for the favor boxes.

Boxes 8 for $1.50 @ Walmart
Some plain cirlces always come in handy too.   

Perfect for their candy bags.

And run just a few copies of everyones names.

They're great for any favors.

Another good tip is...

...just because they sell Do-it-yourself balloon animal kits,
doesn't mean you should buy them.

Last summer, my lil sister & I
thought we would be such fun moms
& she got her kit out.

First of all... instructions.

We had fun trying to make something better than each other,
I totally won...I won't even embarrass her by
posting her creation
 (Code for: I can't find a pic of hers, but mine was way better anyways.)

"What is it?"
"It's a puppy Bo."
"It's a puppy?  I LOVE my puppy!"

"Look Zadie!  I have a puppy!"

"Zadie let's see your balloon?"


Like, where's the fun in that?
See the tears on that poor girls shirt?

Labels - Yes
DIY Balloon Animals - 2 Thumbs Down

The balloon your mom made
looks better like that anyway kid.
I heart sisters


Can do mom said...

Now I see how you do it, rise at the crack of dawn to get that blog post in! Heh, heh... Is Roo your early morning alarm clock? :)

Love the label and sticker idea. Unfortunately for me, it's a few years too late. We're beyond the big birthday party bash days. Now my children just "hang out". They stay up later, but (usually) clean up after themselves.

Last night was the big push to finish the 4H scrapbook for our county fair which begins today. They were helping a friend who is club historian this year but last year, Emily was the club historian scrambling to get the scrapbook done and this same girl helped her so I guess it all evens out. Just to make things more fun it was SO hot and sticky up in the bonus room which is where projects like that are worked on. Those poor girls. I'll bet they sweated off about five pounds each!

Today is even better, it's probably going to be the hottest day of the summer and I (along with my precious children) will be working in the food booth at the fair from 5:30 until 8:30 tonight. You really wish you were me, don't you?! ;)

It's me said...

Jo said...

Hahaha, I'll have to remember that about the balloon animal kit. The label idea is good too. TFS!

koralee said...

Adorable ideas my sweet friend...I love stickers/labels!!!! Hugs. xoxox

Martina said...

You always have the best ideas for kids - these sticky labels are so useful and pretty!

MS/AC Fan said...

Zadies looking with me going, what shape did I have mom? I want one of those! I think I could get her another...snake? :)
You are too funny, and your weiner dog did win against my fierce sword & snake making abilities...I won't even mention my bunny, since I apparently did not have those bunny abilities!

pollydove said...

LOL! OH NOOOOO! Sadders for them ... those faces just break your heart. YOU, Miss Libbie, are a party gal extraordinaire! Love the sticker idea!

Ash's Mum said...

wow - nice tips! the sad pics made me sad too :(((

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

that is so cute- I did animal balloons for my oldest son's second birthday- because we were living in the Caribbean and most of our friends were childless there was only one other kid there and they had unlimited balloons so didn't cry when one broke-

blueviolet said...

Those sad little faces are just too much! I love your idea about using those clear labels. You're so smart!

Silver Strands said...

Those labels: GREAT idea!

A Serenade for Solitude said...

You're so creative, Libby! Love all the fun you have with your kids. It's so special to see. xx

clau said...

fantastic idea and gadget!!!Lovely pic too!!

Karen said...

Libbie you are the queen of great kids ideas! That's a great idea for many things--minus the balloons. :)

nyc said...

Your tips are really good. I also applied it in my son's birthday and all things went smoothly. Thanks a lot!

MS/AC Fan said...

Ahhh good memories.