Saturday, February 9, 2013


It seems like Kit was just born.
He really is so sweet.
Even with five kids I was surprised again
how instantly & fierce I fell in love.
I even take pics when he is sleeping.
I can't stop!
But look why...
He is growing up way too fast!
This was Kit earlier this week:
Just looking around watching our craziness.
(plenty of that here)
It goes too fast... I've been soaking up every little baby
minute since he really is our last.
Really. I was getting ready to FINALLY blog.
You know taking pictures,
hearing a post in my head.
Yeah you know :)
See here are my pics:
You can see where I was going...
Then, I sat down to upload a few pictures
& Annie sat down next to me, "I wish I had a blog."
And I knew. 
I wasn't going to do that post.
I was going to spend the day helping Annie start her blog.
And I did.
You should have seen the joy in her eyes the whole time.
She came up with her own title,
picked her own designs,
wrote a post furiously in a notebook, 
(while I was applying all the settings.)
and searched my pictures for ones she could steal.
She giggled & belly laughed as she wrote.
I am smiling now just remembering.
She doesn't care about followers or comments,
she's just so excited to start taking more pictures and writing more stories about her brothers driving her nuts.
And I'll tell you a deep heart secret:
I am just tickled that she
wanted to be a little like me.


Trisha said...

So much adorableness in this post...Kit is way too precious and Annie's blog is as cute as can be!


koralee said...

Kit is beyond adorable!!! You are so to visit sweet Annie! xoxo

It's me said...

What a sweeeetie.......o my !!...wonderful !!...and now looking at Annie's from

It's me said...

By the way...nice name !!

Pen Pen said...

Kit is so pretty, I mean handsome! They grow up entirely too fast, don't they mommy? I checked out Annie's that she has her own blog now. :))

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Oh my, my! Kit is absolutely precious! They grow much too fast as my son will turn 1 in less than a week's time. Just last night, I was looking at him, and I started to tear up, as I noticed he is more of a little boy than a baby now. He walks and climbs and has an independent steak a mile wide.

Your Annie is sweet as can be....I'm heading over to her blog now!

Auntie Cake said...

What??? That boy is not allowed to sit vertically yet. Pretty soon he'll be driving (and that sometimes stinks, just ask Sophie.)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Kit is precious, oh so precious! And I absolutely love that you did that with Annie. You're such a wonderful mom!

MS/AC Fan said...

I noticed in Ann's writing~ the "If you have...(I'm guessing 4 brothers) good luck, you'll need it!" Didn't make it to the final draft. That Ann is a riot. I love it!

Cassie said...

The sweetest post! Where have I been?! I can't believe Kit is here! Wow! Congrats on your sweet family. :) Congrats to Annie for her cute, new blog! xx

Annie said...

Mom i think that he is growing up tooooo fast to.

Annie said...

Mom i think that he is growing up tooooo fast to.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! Libbie's back and how sweet Annie started! Mother like daughter or is Daughter like Mother...either way how sweet:0)

bunny said...

I don't know how you do it girl. Kit is adorable...just like the rest of em'...with an emphasis on my little j/k

Go rest!!


Christina Berry said...

You and Kelly do make the most beautiful babies? <3

Just clicked over to follow Annie's blog! How exciting! :}

Martina said...

OMG Libbie - the newest addition to your family is so CUTE! Yes, do enjo every minute with him - wish i could shrink my boys sometimes ;) Am over to Annies now!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, Libbie! Well, first off, your kids are always just the most precious things ever. And that picture of Annie at the computer is definitely you! I can see it in her face. I love her sweet blog. Such a cute post. Glad to know all is well over there. Take care and have a great week. Tammy

Jo said...

That's so cool that she wants her own blog. I haven't checked it out yet, but I will tonight. They say that imitation is greatest form of flattery and that is very true.

Marla said...

I can think of lots of people who want to be like you, including me! I get tired just thinking about all the amazing things you do, Lib!