Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't Blink

I was sitting down at my computer and I looked at the date.
Tomorrow is March!!!
It actually made me a little sad.
I thought "It seems like Christmas was just here!!!"
Like it was just yesterday that we were
grinning until our faces hurt, at our kids in
the church Christmas program.
snapping pictures in the falling snow,
jumping on Santa's lap in the corner of the bagel shop,
and singing Jingle Bells on our two horse open wagon :)
Tomorrow being March just makes
 me realize how fast their childhood is flying by.
So if you see some crazy lady walking around trying to hold her eyes open...
That'd be me,
trying so hard not to blink because I'm afraid if I do...'ll be Christmas again
& everyone will be a whole year older.
Scary isn't it!
(& I don't mean that last picture :)


Auntie Cake said...

The whole thing is scary. Pretty soon you will have drivers and soldiers and college students just like me.

Love the Christmas pics. Wasn't it just last week?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I hear you on this one....keep them open and savor each moment!

Marissa said...

Libbie~ I am happy I found your blog!! Your kids are so cute!! Love all your pictures!! stayed up reading and reading .. It is amazing how fast time passes.. enjoy your sweeties... I am still trying for just one.. keeping my fingers crossed!! Your newest follower.. XOXO Marissa.

Pen Pen said...

Yes, lady.... time flies!! I'm living proof! LOL Keep those eyes open!

Sanna Mansson said...

Hey I have nominated you for the 'Seriously!What a great blog award' Well done your blog is great

Sanna xxx

Cheryl said...

Hi Libbie, My Gramma use to tell me that as you grow older, time passes so much quicker ~ She sure was right! I remember like it was yesterday when my kids were little ~ I feel like my oldest was just 10 years old, now this summer, my Grandaughter Memphys will be 10 herself....
now unto another subject, have you heard about the town or towns around Stillwater, Minnesota? the girls I go to the movie & dinner with each Friday were talking about it, I think we are taking a road trip there sometime late summer, early fall ~ How far away from there are You & Kate?
One of these days (years) we have to meet up......
Stay Warm & Think Spring

Anonymous said...

-I know! Time is going fast! I see it the most in Roo.
-I look at old pictures of my girls and can't believe they were that small. Have a wonderful weekend:0)

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

i cant believe that just yesterday I was starting my daughter at school and taking her to dance class and then i blink and she is about to become a mumma-love dee x

Martina said...

You're so right Libbie - i thought just the same! Mach? Can't be true! I long for spring, but still - time flies ... too fast ... LetS enjoy every moment and try to really be there - here, and now! xox