Monday, July 15, 2013

An Amazing Oppurtunity

My friend Martina over at

has the cutest magazine!
Isn't it adorable!?!
And I seriously couldn't believe it when
she asked me if she could feature our family! 
So Exciting! 
~Of course I jumped at the chance
It is a German Magazine and she has a feature to show how people live around the world.
~Kinda scary to be representing the United States~
What an honor!
And when I saw the is a gorgeous 6 page spread! 

So my little family,

is featured HERE
If you haven't visited Martina you totally should!
I dream of being her someday,
She is beautiful inside & out. 
I could stare at her artwork for hours,
it always makes me smile & relax.
A role model for sure.
I'm totally serious...I'm her fan :)
So when she asked ME?
Let's just say...I was overjoyed!
She even sent us a package of goodies
to thank us when we were the lucky ones!
Bo fell in love with this little guy she sent right away:
He is a sorrow eater.
When you are sad you can write your sorrow down & this lil' monster eats it up so you feel better :) 
He totally makes Bo happy & that
makes me happy.
Martina sure made our whole family feel special!
Thanks Martina!!!


Martina said...

Hey Libbie - that is so cool of you - Thanks for featuring our magazine! You do know i'm a big fan of yours as well! Sending you hugs!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so awesome! What a perfect family for her to feature. I am going to follow her blog, it looks very interesting.

It's me said...

Lovely to see you in her magazine...Martine is a great friend and blogger for me her.....and love you and your familly of course...!!...enjoy !

Little Penpen said...

You are the PERFECT family to feature. Congrats! on being famous, now! Please see my latest post about no reply bloggers. I found out I was one, and you are too. Not sure if you meant to be or not. :)

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Dear Libbie how wonderful for you guys I am so proud of you all but then again I have always thought you have a truly amazing family-love dee x

Theresa Hein said...

She picked a great family to represent us!!! Congratulations! I need to go check out the feature... i'm so happy for you! I hope everyone has moved back into the house again :) I will let you in on a little secret, I don't make fried chicken either. Only baked with the breading or grilled for my carnivors! There now you know. I set off plenty of smoke alarms in my day!
Love your new bloglook... love, t.xoxoox