Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Secret is Out

Bo is like all first graders...losing teeth left & right.

He was missing his front tooth, then got bumped by his good buddy  which knocked out his other front wiggly tooth.

Of course we couldn't find the tooth fairy jar at bed time
so I assured him the tooth fairy would come 
if he just put it in a little baggie.  

He was very skeptical but put his tooth in the 
Ziploc & headed to bed.

At 6:00 the next morning I was awoken by his voice 
"I TOLD you it wouldn't come."   
I opened my eyes & he was about two inches from my face holding up the baggie for me to see, 
with the saddest little face I ever saw.

Oh no....the tooth fairy forgot!

"Oh baby, I think I know what happened."  I explained, "Look outside.  The sun is not even is still night.  I bet you were the last kid on the list tonight and you just woke up too early.  She is probably trying to come right now but we are up too early so she can't's okay!  She'll just come tomorrow night.  I bet she feels really bad, but what can she do?   We are already up she can't come now!"

Bo thought about it and didn't say anything.  He turned to go downstairs to get ready for the day & I promised him I'd be right down. 

When I finally got down there he looked at me with a big smile, "Mom...I think  know who the tooth fairy is."

"Oh yeah Who?"

"You."  He pointed at me with the edges of his lips curling up.  I could tell he was pretty proud of himself for unlocking one of life's mysteries.

I smiled....a HUGE smile & nodded my head yes without saying a word.  He knew...despite that big fat whopper of a lie I told him.  
(I try realllly hard to tell my kids the truth always so that was hard for me). 

His smile grew bigger & bigger & he punched his fist into the air, 
"YES!!!! YES!!!! I knew it!!!! 
I always knew it was you!!!!!" 

It was fun to see how proud he was for figuring it out.  "Now can't tell your brothers.  Annie has know this for a loooong time but she didn't tell you because she didn't want to spoil your fun."

"Okay....but mom?  You put me LAST on the list?!?!"  He still had a smile as wide as his face with 2 missing top teeth.  "And...What do you do with all those teeth?!?!"

Oh man...I thought he figured out that I was the tooth fairy...but it seems he "figured out" that I was THEE Tooth Fairy! 

Rocco & Roo were up by now & he had so many questions!  "Bo we will talk about this later."  I tried to quiet him with the other boys still never experiencing tooth fairy magic. 
He smiled at me all morning. 

On the ride to school I was glad he seemed to have forgotten about it & then from the back seat, " Mom?  Who will be the tooth fairy when you get older...cause I don't want to do it...I want to be a cobra tamer!" 

"Bo, I told you we will talk about this later, but no,
 you will not be the tooth fairy."

After school we got so busy we both forgot about it.  Then, right before bed he came over & patted me on the shoulder smiling, "Mom...don't forget to come tonight!"  he spun on his toes & scooted off to bed yelling over his shoulder back to me,
"Put me first on the list tonight!  Oh & mom...don't worry...knowing your secret doesn't ruin the fun...I like it."   
And into bed he hopped.

So the next night I actually WAS the tooth fairy,

We found the special tooth jar & 
turns out he was first on the list.

We never have talked about it again but,
I am totally dreading breaking his little heart when
 I tell him that I am not THEE Tooth Fairy. 

In the meantime I just get to enjoy imagining his vision of this tall, very pregnant, mom of 5, flying house to house every night 
in a tutu.  

And I can't tell you how tickled I am that he thinks I could be.

What's the going rate for teeth at your house?


Little Penpen said...

That's adorable!! He has the coolest mom ever!!!

Breezy said...

Love this!! Brenden is my little skeptic - he doesn't believe in Santa and insists on telling all the other kids that he's not real. (I also have a hard time convincing Clayton that he is. Just so hard to lie...)

At my family Christmas party, my cousin dressed up as Santa for a quick visit. Brenden pointed out all the faults with the costume and then was talking about "Pretend Santa" with my cousins' kids the next day. Then again, I never believed in Santa either, so I'm a little proud that he is taking after his mom. ;)

The Erickson Five said...

I love this. Thanks for the smiles.

C. Kimball said...

Libbie, This is so adorable! You are such an awesome Mom! Can't believe I "knew you when," even before you had any children. You were a wonderful teacher then for your students!

Auntie Cake said...

Someday I want to borrow your tutu. Always wanted one of my own.
Go Bo!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw Libbie I loved reading this and it reminded me of when I tried to be a tooth fairy. haha
Honey I have missed you terribly and think of you so much but what have I missed.
Did I read your sentence right about being a pregnant fairy. Are you pregnant and how did I not know.
OH my gosh. I can't believe it. I have to come back and find the post about it. You did post about it didn't you. haha
Anyway if you are Congratulations and I am so happy for you.
Your such a sweetheart and the best Mom in the world. Take care of yourself.
Love ya

Gloria said...

Those kiddos can be so smart. It is a tender mix of fantasy and the truth when trying to create those tooth fairy memories for them. Even the best tooth fairies can forget to deliver the money on time! :)
Have a lovely day, I hope you are feeling great.

Dee said...

Lol... this story really made my day. I loved it!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love you, Libbie. Seriously, I've smiled and laughed twice tonight because of you and your sweet family. Bless you all, Tammy

Jo said...

I missed this when you first posted it, but I love the story. He's so cute! Hopefully he won't find out you aren't THEE tooth fairy for a long time. :-)

Christina Berry said...

Well, you're just about the prettiest tooth fairy there ever was! :)