Monday, February 2, 2015

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Our family's favorite book is 
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Annie just read it for about the 5th time
for a book report.  They have book reports once a month
and her teacher gives them a lot of leeway, "Be Creative!"

So this month Annie decided to do a Power Point presentation on the characters in her book.  We had a LOT of fun.  A lot.

I'll spare you the full report but here are some of my favorite parts:

The church busybody we used is her 
Aunt Cake who also happens to be her gym teacher.

We slipped in pics of some unsuspecting classmates.

Elmer ~ The pastor's kid who is tired of being Joseph year after year.  Even as a teenager his dad still makes him.  (His mom helped me by snapping the pic but wouldn't tell him why :)

 Alice Wendelkin ~ The Angelic looking girl who plays Mary every year.  She is a bit of a goodie goodie. (Annie's BFF)

Herdman’s Cat

The mailman would not deliver any of the Herdman’s mail because of the cat.
It would attack anything it could see out of it’s one eye.

Now here is where the real hoodlums come in:

Ralph Herdman

Oldest Herdman Kid

Joseph - No one else dared to volunteer to be Joseph cause they didn't want to be beat up by Ralph.

Imogene Herdman

2nd Oldest Herdman

She found out everyone’s weight in the nurses office and used the information to control and bully classmates.

Was smoking in the church bathroom.

Mary - Bullied Alice out of her standing Mary role by threatening to “shove a pussy willow so far down her ear that it will start to grow.”

LeRoy Herdman

3rd oldest Herdman

Started his neighbor’s tool shed on fire with the Chemistry set he stole from the hardware store.

Got the Herdman clan to start attending church because he heard a rumor that there was unlimited dessert at church.

Wiseman- brought his families wrapped Christmas ham from the ladies aid basket, instead of frankincense, to the manger in the pageant.

Claude Herdman 
& Ollie Herdman

Herdmans number 4 & 5

Even the littlest Herdmans smoked.

Claude stole donuts from the fireman, who were putting out the shed fire, and stuffed them up his shirt.


Glayds Herdman

The youngest Herdman.

The angel of the Lord- the little church boys were afraid to be shepherds because they were afraid Gladys (being the angel of the Lord) would punch them & knock them out.

You survived our book report!

Annie has practiced her power point a million times 
& is so excited to show it to her class.

Now I love this book because it makes 
me feel like maybe my kids aren't SO wild.  
I mean our family is a crazy mess...
but hey...we're no Herdmans!

Pic from our own church Christmas pageant this year.

What's your family's favorite book?


pat/susie/resortmom said...

Great story! I was smiling as I scrolled down the page...but laughed out loud at those little smoking herdsmen! Way too funny!

It's me said... make me laugh today...what a lovely family...!!...crazy and so cute...!!!❤️❤️❤️

Little Penpen said...

Oh my goodness! How cute!!! Annie is going to ROCK that book report. And thanks to you and Annie, I now must read the book!! LOVE all your characters!

Trisha said...

Adorable! She better be getting an A+ because that was just too cute! Now I am going to have to find that book and read it for myself...thanks!


Cheyenne said...

This had me ROARING and I haven't even read the book! makes me wanna!

Those lil' herdsmen smoking...oh man...sound so funny. :)

I hope you are well, Libbie, I bet that babe is growing! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Now I'm going to have to buy that book because I've never read it. Looks very interesting with all those characters!


LOL!!! I remember that book! Great photos.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest book report ever. :) I especially love those littlest smokers. Made me laugh out loud. I needed to laugh today. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

Gloria said...

ha ha! Totally cute! :) We have a lot of favorite stories. The Fantastic Journey of Edward Tulane is one of them! LOVE LOVE LOVE that book! :)

Simone Lubbe said...

Hahahaha this is hilarious! Love the black eye!

Christina Berry said...

Adorable! :)

Hope y'all are doing well! Miss you!

marie said...

Now how did I ever miss this! We have this book...and as of now, guess who I'll be thinking of every time we read it!?

Simply wonderful!!