Thursday, March 19, 2015

Living Like Royalty...

My boys LOVE cooking.
A little too much.
If I even walk into the kitchen Rocco & Roo pop up magically, out of nowhere,
"What are we making?" & "What can I do?"
I can't lie...drives me a tad bonkers.
& then I hand them kitchen tools
because there is NO WAY to get them away.
If I turn on a cooking show they jump on my lap to watch it too.
So when Bo got this little book from his school library,
and found this recipe...Castle Pies,
I knew it meant we were making Castle Pies.
All of us.
Luckily, there were jobs for everyone.
Rocco said, "Bo, I can tell you are a
great cook cause you made a huge mess," he was serious,
and by round 3 the shirt came off.
We were not crazy of the idea of
figs, cloves, pepper & honey filling,
so we filled those babies up with
cherry & raspberry pie filling.
And let me tell you those mini Castle Pies were way too good.
I had 3. 
2 for me & 1 for the baby,
and I was too full to eat my dinner.
Annie grabbed my camera, as any blogging daughter would,
and caught Kelly taste testing, "What do you think Dad?"
Our only problem was:
This guy.
He couldn't keep his hands off them while they were cooling.
I think he ate more than me,
and he still ate his dinner!
We might not live in a castle but we ate like kings.
The only things missing were our crowns.
(But you can bet we all would have been in crowns if I would have thought of it at the time.)



It's me said...

Yammie .!...your kids are kings..!!...give them a criwn...hahahaha...lovely weekend love Ria x!

Jo said...

What fun!! They look so good! You have some great helpers and when the kids get older they will be able to make dinner instead of you having to do it. It will be here before you know it. Start meal planning now. :-)

Trisha said...

Looks like you have a new recipe in your arsenal! I love that everyone is involved and that they love to do it too. Wishing you and your royal family a wonderful weekend!


Little Penpen said...

Another "Mom of the Year" post... you truly have a royal family. ;)

Martina said...

I thing itÄs GREAT your guys love to cook .... comes in handy when they'll be a bit older and make something for you while you rest ;) The day will come!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I totally understand how they can get underfoot in the kitchen but I do love their enthusiasm for cooking. Those Castle Pies look delicious!

Dee said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog and catching up with what's going on with your family. By the way, those Castle Pies look delicious.
Have a wonderful week... :)

Shelby Beach said...

My kids would love those. If we try them I'll put them in crowns and send you a picture;0) such a fun family activity!