Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Last Day

We don't even call winter WINTER. 
At our house...we call it HOCKEY SEASON.
Annie, Bo, & Rocco all play
And it gets crazy! 
The weekends get sooooo crazy!
Besides Annie's many weeknight practices,
our weekends can be anywhere from 4-7 games.
 But just look at my boys...
8 is my number this year...since soon we will be a family of 8.
Today was Rocco's last day of the season.
It was my shift as Kel was with Bo at his game.
Do you have any idea how cute 5 year olds are
zooming around when they can barely see over the boards?

And at his game, he scored twice.
Sure maybe, both times, he plowed down
his own teammates right in front of the net,
stole the puck from them, and shot it in net.
I was proud anyway.
But that wasn't my favorite part.
My favorite part was that every time he fell down, scored a goal, or thought he was doing a cool move...
...he looked for me.
Even in the midst of all the chaos,
He would look up to the stands,
look me in the eyes & smile.
And of course my heart would swell & I'd smile right back.
I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.


It's me said...

Owww so sweet...happy week love Ria...x!

Leslie said...

awww.. that is so sweet. Looks like they have a great time out there on the ice!!!

Marsha said...

I just love that last photo - matching smiles!

Little Penpen said...

Those babies love their momma! I can just 'feel' your heart bursting with love and pride!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Aw, such a sweet post. You sound so busy and it is so awesome that they love hockey. Your such a wonderful mother!

Marissa said...

Sweet post!
Loving how much fun they are having
Xo marissa


Smiling too!

Jo said...

Busy, busy. I love how he kept looking for you. That's such a neat feeling. I didn't realize you're going to be a family of 8. That sounds like so much more than saying you have 6 kids, lol.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm impressed that 5 year olds are out there whizzing around on the ice. Lord knows when I went ice skating some years ago with friends, I was on my backside much of the time. Ha! I remember baseball days with my boys. We lived at the ballfield with practices and games, and that was just with two kids. I see your future getting a whole lot busier. Have fun! :) Tammy

Martina said...

How cool is that! Cheers to you and your sweet Hockey guys - have a fun weekend!

Shelby Beach said...

Very sweet, especially the part where he would look up to you ;0) sweet family, I have to say I am excited hockey season is over because then we get to see this sweet family more;0)