Sunday, March 14, 2010

Number 79

Annie & I were in the car & she said, "Pretend I am a teenager."
"Mom can I go to the football game tonight?"
"Of course you have your pom poms & your cheerleader skirt?" 
"Mom!!!  I am PLAYING football!" 

Of course...I should have known!  Annie has been to many, many football games and she can tell you her favorite player, although it may surprise you.  Her favorite professional football player is none other than her Auntie Cake!
I am not talking Powderpuff here...I am talking full on tackle, huddle up, buttslapping, professional women's football! 
She is an Offensive Tackle & let me tell you ...the girl is good.
She was even this years MVP!!!
Check out her trophy.
How cool is that!

She has a ton of fans:

Little Fireman,
Both sides of the family (with all our signs),
Sweet Blue bird & her friends,

Her Captain Awesome who is gonna kill me for this picture of him goofing off,

But hey it is way better than this picture,
I'm toast.
So here...
Still goofing around but I think he will like that one better.  He helps out with the balls during the game.  And he coaches the kids' game during half time.
His team always wins.

Anyway, back to her fan list...Bo,
Of course her own mom & her Nature girl,
Rachael's Isaiah,
Both her sisters,
Rach, Kate, & me
& Rocco even attended her game less than a month old!

She is inspiring little girls everywhere!
 Rachael's Zadie
But her biggest fans are...
Big Fireman & Little Fireman
Big Fireman watches every game.
And she even has real fans who aren't related :)  This was her first autograph & I was lucky enough to be there to snap the pic.
And of course they needed a pic with her too :)
So you see my glitter loving, pink wearing, cupcake baking, mom of 4, blogging, sister...Auntie Cake's secret is out of the bag.  Kate is the toughest lineman in the league ~ Just ask the girl who she was blocking from Toledo...she said, and I quote..."Everytime you tackled me I would think in slow motion, 'Here I am flying through the air again'.  And then I would land with a thud.  You are tough."

Yeah...not many girls can say..."My big sister is a professional football player."  But I can!
And I am so proud of her!!!


Andrea said...

Great family memories..
Blessings, andrea

MS/AC Fan said...

So many fun memories Kate provides for us with her "hobby" :) Love the pics!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is way cool. I don't think I even knew that there was a professional woman's football league. WAY AWESOME! Loved all the pictures! congrats to your sis on the MVP too.

Auntie Cake said...

Okay, kind of embarrassing, but I just want to tell everyone, that it is impossible to look good in spandex, cropped, tight pants after you have just gotten bashed around for the last two hours...

And I haven't seen some of your pictures Lib, I had no idea what goes on in the stands, or during half time, looks like you all are having fun. Thanks for supporting my team, it is fun having you all there.

The French Bear said...

Ha ha, I was just thinking, wow she looks awesome for someone who was just hitting and banging the football out in the field with other football players!!!! That is a great post!!! Your daughter is such a cutie pie!!!! All the kids are, wow, you gals make sweet children!!!
Margaret B

Donatella said...

looks like so much fun !!great pictures!! spandex look great too!!

koralee said...

Wow...that is so so inspiring. I love this story of yours..GO VIXENS GO!

Rose said...

Amazing! You should be proud of her. That is an awesome story!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You have got to be kidding me! This is the precious dainty lady that made me those roses and heart. OH MY GOSH I have got to see her play.
Libbie this post is priceless! This is so Blogazine it is unreal...this is what I am talking about...girlfriend!
I will not be able to sleep tonight thinking about you Vixens in Mn!
My gosh I need you both on my squad at work. lol...
I am printing this out and posting it on MY locker at work and show those wimps that I work with what a real woman can do...
ON top of all of this you two are absolutely gorcious...not that I did not think you weren't but wow you both could be models too...
Got to post this on my sidebar...hahahahaha
Wow...I will be talking about this for days...can't wait to show my four brothers....they made little ole me play football with them everyday that I lived at home...
GO Auntie Cakes GO!
I still can't believe this lady is the one that made me that heart..hahahahaha
Thank you for the best post

Debra@Common Ground said...

I'm SPEECHLESS! Wow!!! You girls rock!!! You all are just darling out there having a "ball"!
OK, I'm STILL speechless. Didn't know they even had pro women's football!
hugs to you crazy gals from up north!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

OH i love your blog!!! You are so funny, your kids are adorable...Love Mommy's life. OMGoodness, your baby made me bbaby hungry!!! Your Master is to die for!! Great job!
Thank you for following me...So happy to follow you. Let's be friends!!

Stacey 18 said...

You always have something fun going on. Thanks for coming to visit us. Did you know I'm the middle sister from 3 sisters 365 am 35 and Sagitarius too. Love your blog!!!

blueviolet said...

No wonder you are proud! I would be too!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Libby...That post is so cool! Thanks for sharing all of those pics of your family and Kate playing ball. I tried to imagine it when she told about it on her blog but never really put it together like that! I love that the whole family is there to cheer her on, you all must have such a special bond. Loved it all, Theresa

christy rose said...

It looks like you all had a blast! That is so cool that your sister is a football player and is GOOD!!! How fun to be able to support her with your whole family!! What memories you are making!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL speechless!!!! With 3 daughters I never thought I'd be a football mom!!! I do have bragging rights.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Libbie,

Okay...just one more reason I love Kate! Holy Smokes...I did not know that Kate played awesome! And MVP...WOO HOO!!!

I never in my life have played a competitive sport. A couple years ago I thought I would change my ways and joined a roller derby team. I wanted to be a blocker and my derby name was Karyn Blockabitch (a play on Erin Brockovich) anyhoo, my first practice game these girls kicked my butt and I couldn't move for days! That was the end of my competive sports days.

I just love all the photos and what fun! Why oh why do we have to live so far apart? I would love to got to the games and hang out with you guys.

Thanks for sharing with us Libbie...have a fabulous week!!


T's Daily Treasures said...

How very cool. I didn't even know there's was women's football. Ouch! What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing and enlightening those of us who never heard of a women's league. Many blessings, Tammy

Karen said...

Wow, add me to her fan list. I'm impressed. I bet when she tells her kids to do something, they do it. teehee..... Way to go MPV!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well I am had to reread this post again as I still can not believe that I have a sister that plays professional football..she wrote me the cutest comment about adding me to your a sister..I am going to cry...OK when is the next game...Libbie you know me so well I would show up with a painted face and finger thingeeee ....and a horn
awesome just awesome...
Well I am printing this out now for the guys at work who think their macho...I wonder if you girls mind if your hung on the wall with the ten most wanted...ahahahahaha...
When I print it I may have to copy it at work and cut the picture out of all three of you and add I can brag to about my baby sisters...
I wish my friend Margee was still living because she owned her own jet and she flew me to Lake Michigan for the summer one time to heal over my worked I did not drown myself..pluse I had never flown that far on a private if she were still here I would ask her to please fly me to Mn for a game...
Love all of you

-stephanie- said...

She is way too cool! I'm impressed. Go Team!

Sage said...

What a great post. I can feel the LOVE!

karen said...

Go cake's Go lol.
Wow I loved that post thanks hunni.

I've been over to kate's and you may well laugh ( as is my darling husband) But I feel honnored to have such a lovely chicken named after me.
Hope you are all well

Deb said...

Have mercy! I thought you were joking at first.

A women's football league? I didn't know there was such a thing.

And Kate plays! Kate? Auntie Cake?

How cool!

Thanks for sharing this incredible part of your sister's life.

Sweet dreams.

Marla said...

Libbie! I love the pictures. Who knew about Kate? That is just crazy cool. I better be a lot nicer now that I know she could kick my butt.....and probably my ashes too!

Anonymous said...

Ight. So Lib we have to go all out this season. I'm talking hard core painted faces, and banners, and the men are painting their chests and everything. I'm serious.
-"sweet bluebird" (ick)

Natasha said...

You girls are incredible! I am gobsmacked at how amazing Kate is. If I ever get to visit you guys I am timing it so I can see those Vixens play!

Best wishes and go Kate!