Monday, March 22, 2010

Annie's Room

"Oh Hello!  Come on in!  I am sorry I didn't see you I was just beautifying....well, come on, come in!"

Okay, I can't make it through the whole post that way so I am changing back to me :)

   When I was pregnant with Annie I didn't know if I was having a girl or a boy so my husband painted one room pink & one room blue.  I really wanted the girl's room pink & green so he just painted the closet bright green & we took off from there...but there is no way I am showing you the closet. :)

   So, our big green splash is this dresser, which my parents got at an auction for 10 dollars & I painted it pink & then green & then sanded it like crazy!!!

Auntie Cake made the butterfly mobile above it! 
 It comes in pretty handy to be her sister :)
And she made the candy garland which graces the mirror.
   Apparently, I have no discernment in how many things you can hang on the ceiling.  The chandelier was a cheap brass one from Home Depot (20 bucks) that I attacked with spray paint & Christmas decorations.
   The curtains that I loved didn't come in a bright enough green so this is when I bought my sewing machine.  It is amazing how much you appreciate things when you make them!  I actually made her bed spread & many of the pillows too.  If you knew would be VERY surprised I pulled it off.
I mean VERY surprised :)
Behind Annie's door is her Secret Butterfly Garden. (Dollar Tree)  Shhhh...don't tell anyone :)

   Her Aunt Tricia gave out green donkey shoes to her wedding party when she got married & it was the perfect color to match Annie's room, so even though we don't believe in luck, we love to remember that fun day.
Now this side is a bit of a mess, but a girl has to stash her STUFF somewhere.

So what does a 5 year old girl stash?

Money in her ballerina pig,
...little glass animals, and High School Musical junk everywhere!
I just love these pictures from her first birthday :)
And her shell jar will get one more shell on our trip to
Orange Beach, Alabama this summer.
And any girl who has an Auntie Cake...has a bunny.
Again, I couldn't resist hanging more...who could?!  I mean once you see these poms all NEED them!
I got her vanity at a garage sale for just 8 dollars! 
Wel,l I hope you enjoyed your visit!  And remember...when you are giving tours...swing by and invite me!!!  Please!!!
Thanks for coming!


Mommy of Two said...

It's beautiful!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a cute girly girl room. Love it. It is beautiful and you should be so proud of the curtains and the bedspread & pillows. Cute.

Bliss said...

Oh, how fun! Last time I saw that room, you had only recently moved in and it was empty -- including the closet. I have GOT to get out more...

Good thing we don't believe in luck, because tradition says that donkey shoe is hanging upside down so all the luck will run out!

Natasha said...

Wow Annie, you are one lucky girl! That is a very beautiful bedroom! I might get my daughter to clean her room over the Easter vacation and share some pictures-I think you might like it. It is also very pink and very pretty....I just wish it was a bit neater sometimes!

Say hi to your Mom for me.

Best wishes from Australia,

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh, Libbie., You shall regret this post because I am coming after you to do a Two Tips Tuesday. You showed your hand, girl. It is ON! What a gorgeous, happy many details and thoughtful things! I am a pink and green girl too and guess what? I have been taking pics of the girl's rooms to say goodbye to them so I will do a post soon! Consider this your invitation! But that chandalier is so fun and I am totally digging the green dresser! Love it. Now just sit tight...I will come a callin'...

Auntie Cake said...

Good thing you don't believe in luck because you let yours fall out! The room looks good, love the new pom poms.

Debra@Common Ground said...

What a great color scheme. so bright and cheery. and it really DOES look like Annie's personality! Great job on all the sewing projects. Love Annie's butterfly garden and mobile. EVERY little girl needs an Auntie Cake!
Love the Hamburger Seeds, so cute!

-stephanie- said...

What an adorable girly room. I'm going to show this to my daughter, because I warned her before bed tonight that she will be cleaning her room tomorrow. Seeing this, I'm sure she'll want to.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Oh this is so beautiful. Adorable. Cheerfull. Wow. What a great job!!
I love pink bedrooms too. I love the butterfly mobile. Ohhhhh
thank you for your sweet comment. I love bunnies too. :)
so glad you will enjoy the little friends too.

Rosie said... had me at "Oh Hello..." all of your pics are cute...BUT,those first two photos need to be on a billboard...advertising?...Does it even matter???...I think not..."Crazy Cute" I am still smirking...thanks for the smile...Rosie

honeypiehorse said...

Beautiful room. Our daughter's room is the same color pink but I love the green accents.

Sir and Miss said...

What a gorgeous daughter you have! What an amazing room! I love pink and green together - bliss. I just love the day bed and dresser too. My daughter's room in Australia was pink and lime green but I'm thinking that the apple green looks far tastier.

Great post.


Emma said...

That is such a lovely girlie room, the green looks fab with the pink. She looks a lot of fun your little one.
Em x

Anonymous said...

Annie has a wonderful Mommy who put such LOVE into her beautiful room. I think the bright green looks GREAT with the pink.
I wish my d-i-l would pour herself into her children like you do with yours. Our granddaughter would love a room like this and our grandson would love a special place of his own too.
Thank you for sharing. So pretty!

MS/AC Fan said...

I want to see the closet. ;)
Good thing you gave me the virtual tour, since we are never healthy enough to actually venture over your way~ like the new pom poms :)

koralee said...

What a dream room for such a sweetpea...I love it and I adore the green and pink!!! What a sweet mom you are. xoxoox

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Hi Libby! Annies room is so cute! I love her green dresser and the chandi (ofcourse) Her bed looks like a princess bed! Hannah has those same pompoms hanging in her room and if it ever gets clean like Annies I will take a pic and show you! Remember this... you have a standing invitation anytime! Theresa

Obee Designs said...

Hey Libbie!
I'm PINK with envy!! Annie's room is ALMOST as adorable as she is!! How cute does she look sitting at her vanity? Oh those were the days. My dad found a cute little wooden one with an attached mirror at a yard sale for Meghan and I painted it pink and white for her room I put flowers all around the top of the mirror. It was so sweet and looked like something from a fairy tale cottage. It reminds me of Annie's room. The green dresser with the pink undertones is so whimsical. I love that your sis made her the butterfly mobile, what a great Aunt!!
Thanks for sharing your decorating and painting skills, You're AWESOME!!
Hope your having a good day, oh and stay away from those hamburger seeds!!

Sage said...

What a lovely princess room! Love it and mom hsa good taste.

Anonymous said...

Her room is so pretty! Do you think she'd mind a 27 yr. old girly girl moving in? lol I love it!

DUTA said...

Thanks for the tour in Annie's 'empire'.
The colors of pink and green on her'territory' nicely suit her cheerful girlish personality.
I greatly enjoyed the picture with adorable Annie beautifying herself.

Donatella said...

what a pretty room.. the colores are so perfect together... she must really love it!!I JUST LOVE the name Annie..

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow this is almost how I pictured my Annies room. Just beautiful like her.
I have to show this to my Kaci she will love it
Hope you had a good day.
Thanks for sharing this with all of us

Me....bunny said...

Lovely...just gorgeous....Annie is one lucky little girl...even though her horseshoe is upside down...we are a horse family...we should know. have a good one!


Stacey 18 said...

I'm sure you said you had 3 kids. How do you find the time to do such a wonderful job on your blog, write all those nice comments to us and look after your family... you must be supermum. You better change you blog title. You have given me a great idea for one of our days... our playlists on Tasha, Holly's and my ipod. Thank you for being so cool.

See Ya Later Mate


christy rose said...

Oh my goodness! her room is absolutely beautiful!! what an awesome place for a little girl to call hers!!