Saturday, April 17, 2010

Look at What I'm Dripping With...Little Boys.

Wednesday I didn't have a chance!!! 

     First, I had a Slip & Slide, brand new in a box, in the front closet.  Bo took it out, spread it out, & dumped water on it...IN MY KITCHEN!  I caught him pretty early so he had only dumped a glass or two. 
    I knew it would be a long day since we had to stay off the grass all day, our lawn guys just fertilized.  I wanted to keep him busy so I set him up with the water table on the is how I found him a few minutes later:
    When I dried him off & got him redressed I set him up with some Apple Jacks for lunch.  I was crazy, I thought, "Oh...I have a few minutes to blog...he is watching T.V. & eating lunch.  That was not the best idea...soon Annie was yelling, "MOM!!!!  Bo is drinking out of the milk carton!"  See, the mistake was that I left the box of cereal and the milk on the table.
   The dangerous part was that the milk was about 2 inches from my camera...that is the only reason I even took the time to grab my camera.

   Yeah...not my best day :)  This comes the day after Bo "Freed the ants" from Annie's ant farm...I found it opened lying on the carpet...ants gone. 

   Later that night, I got a little break from mom duties (Bo) when I went to church to teach my Pioneer Club boys.  Now instead of 2, I had 6!  But lucky for me...these boys behaved beautifully!  We even got done with our activity early & I challenged them to a contest.  Who ever drew the best picture of ME will get a sucker next week.  See what you think:

Here is what they had to look at:
Not my best...but considering that I was still breathing after the day I had, I'm okay with it :)

Here are their masterpieces:

When I went to see Nick's he looked at me embarrassed & said, "I think I made it too big."  I am going to choose to interrperate it as, "You are much skinnier than this."  :)


& this guy drew my sister Kate who was teaching with me.

He nailed it :)

So what do you think?  I am pretty sure I will need a whole bag of suckers!

Just think if Miss Hannigan had an orphanage full of boys :)

Tomorrow the giveaway ends!  Hope you are in!


Auntie Cake said...

And just look at how skinny my little old head is!!!

Marla said...

Oh Libbie, They are all masterpieces! As for that Bo....I have a granddaughter he needs to meet. Those two are MADE for one another. Does your family believe in arraigned marriages?

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Beautiful!!!! Children are a blessing from the Lord!!! Again your little Bo reminds me so much of my son Kylan. He's 20 years old now . . . still loves to create his own world. God bless you my friend!!! Give that Bo a BIG kiss for me. I posted about my youngest son, Caleb. Stop by and take a look. Oh yea, I NEED THOSE BOWLS!!! (LOL !!!!)

Osmosis said...

God bless you, Libbie!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

I know I say this all of the time but I just love your stories! Everyone of us I'm sure had a Bo or two! Mine were my oldest, Danielle, my youngest, Max! The Lords way of showing me what motherhood would bring and a good way to round it off! As for the portraits... I do think everyone deserves a sucker, I love how they all focused on your curly hair... and WOW is Kate a rapper now?!! Have a great weekend! Theresa

honeypiehorse said...

Great milk shot!

Courtney said...

What a crazy day! Love the potraits the boys did, I think they all deserve a sucker!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

How Funny ~ First with Bo & the FUN he seems to get into Often ~ Then Your Adorable Face.... The Boys did a great job, they're All Precious (Drawings & I am Sure Boys too) They ALL Deserve a Sucker (but send it Home with them so you don't have a Sticky Mess!)

Guess Who's Hav'n a Vintage Give~Away - Starting Monday ! ? ! ? make sure you stop by Next Week.....

Have a Wonderful "Stress Free" Weekend ~

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw Libbie as always I love your post. Oh how I wish I lived close enough to help you with Bo..he is such a hoot but a handful...hahaha
Boy your post brings back memories!
I love theses pictures the boys drew of you...what a day you had and still look beautiful. So love you and sister Kate.
Honey your comment to me was just too lovely and befoe I go out and start mowing again I had to come by and tell you how much I appreciate your words and you.
I know you would help me if you could but actually your words meant more to me than I could ever tell you. After reading your comment I had to make myself not cry. lol
What a blessing to have found you and your family and Kate and her family.
If I make any money off this house I am coming to see you all...hahaha
Don't forget you all always have a place here in Texas if you need one

Karen said...

Libbie, I'm still smiling as I write this!! I was wondering how you had the patience to snap that milk picture, until I read you were saving your camera. What a total guy thing. You do know they never outgrow that!

And the idea for the pictures. Each one could win candy for a different reason. They all were good. How fun! I bet they love you and sis teaching them. Blessings**

bunny said...

OH Libbie...yep they are all winners. I just get a kick outta little Bo, he's such a rascal. He remindes me of my 3 rug rats...I'm so happy when they are here..and relieved when they go home...
Have a wonderful weekend.


LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Your day brought a little smile to my face and twinkle in my eyes...oh the joy of motherhood! :-) Love it!
Great idea having the kids draw you! That must of been so much fun and giggling. :)

Hattie said...

Oh my goodness! What a day you had!!! The slip n slide story cracked me up! I think all the drawing deserve a sucker. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Donatella said...

oh my!! I just love all your posts about the kids... always puts a smile on my face...all of them deserve a sucker(:

koralee said...

amazingly cute post look adorable. xoxox

Free Pretty Things For You said...

your comments are the sweetes!! im so glad you liked them!

ilovemyhouse said...

I vote fo Nick. Look at him looking in the camera! Again a great post, my youngest is 11 now, but reading this it feels like yesterday when all three of them were young!xx from Holland.

Natasha said...

I bet when he falls asleep each night he crashes! Come to think of it, I bet you do too after racing around looking after cheeky Bo all day! You look gorgeous after having spent the day with a bunch of boys-how do you do it????

Best wishes and have a beautiful week,

clau said...

that's what I call a "crazy day"!
Have a great Sunday!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Your precious, sweet, mischievous Bo, quite frankly, makes me tired. The fact that you catch your kids on film is so priceless. I picture them as adults just laughing together at all the memories you collected for them. And as for your adorable photo and wonderful drawings...yep. I would have to say suckers for all because they were wonderful! Like you!

Just Breathe said...

What a day, OMG is he a go getter! Yes they should all get a sucker.

MS/AC Fan said...

Benjamin wins- he totally captured your hairstyle.

m.e (Cathie) said...

i think you better take a bag full for them, they did a fab job! Joshua & Benjamen gave you a great hairstyle too.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Libbie, I just love this, did you notice they ALL got your hair and smile just right! so cute, and I just read the post about Annie's bracelets and Good Housekeeping! WOW!!! How wonderful! Bless her little blue eyeshadowed heart!

Anonymous said...

Benjamin's is my favorite-Merilee

Anonymous said...

All the chalk art is too cute. Gotta say, though, that I love the way Joshua captured your beautiful curls and blue eyes. Glad to see you were still smiling after a day like that!