Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bo's Superhero

Bo has a best friend,
who just happens to be over 6 feet tall.
It is his cousin Auntie Cake's "Captain Awesome."
Bo is always climbing in his lap,
or riding on his shoulders.

Captain Awesome not only LETS him...
...he INVITES him, "Come on Bo!"
He is Bo's superhero.
If our families are together.... never see them apart.

And I couldn't ask for a sweeter,
cooler HERO for my little boy.

Do you have a Superhero?


Jo said...

That's so sweet. :-)

MS/AC Fan said...

That Captain Awesome really earns his title!

Cassie said...

So stinking cute. Love when the big boys love on the little boys. What a great hero. :)

Victoria said...

Every little one needs a hero. I'm glad Bo found his!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome. Sure wish my son had a superhero like that too. Cute pictures.

PartyMom said...

Hi there! I hopped on over through Aunt Peaches. Your little boy, Bo, is absolutely adorable and so lucky to have such a loving cousin!

Two Shades of Pink said...

I mean, could this be any sweeter? This is a relationship to last a lifetime! And I need a title like Captain Awesome but more girly. Like Madame Magnificent or Hottie Mommy. I will think on it...

Martina said...

So sweet how the big guy likes playing with Bo - my son Robin's like this - he enjoys the fun little ones can make! You're such a sweet family Libbie :)

-stephanie- said...

I love it when older kids befriend (or becousin) a little one. So sweet.

marie said...

What a perfect pair!

PS. One of my super heros is your sweet Annie...I just wanted her to know that!

Karen said...

Oh, those are wonderful pictures! What a great guy! I think you are my super hero-ess. Love what you do with the kids!!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Just stop by for a quick hello. I love Bo's superhero. Superhero reminds me of my Caleb and now that Caleb is a uncle he will make a great hero too.
God bless you my friend and those adorable children.

clau said...

Friendship is one of the most beautiful thing in our life and Bo is so lucky!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Libbie this post is so wonderful. Loved seeing Bo and Kate's son. He is so handsome just like little Bo.
Six foot tall and so young. wow...I think I see both you and Kate in him.
Sorry have not been much of a friend to you. They are keeping me busy with therapy and now my baby brother Gary was told he has stage four throat cancer and it has pulled me back down. Poor Gary they told him it was the kind of cancer you get from smoking and drinking and he never did either one. Hopefully the chemo and radiation treatments will stop it.
I take him Friday to Houston for test and then we are hoping by next week they start treatments.
Sorry did not mean to write a book.
Miss you and Kate too. Loved the pictures of my darling Annie coming home from school.

Nezzy said...

What a wonderful hero for a sweet little Bo to have!!! I'm lovin' those pics!

Yep, my superhero is my maternal Grandmother. She was an amazin' woman.

May God bless you beautiful day!!!

Auntie Cake said...

Yup, I think Maggie is right. I do see bits of myself in Captain Awesome. (Particularly the slender, willowy, bikini ready body...HEHEHE) And Bo really is his fave.

Rosie said...

Oh this post just makes my heart sing!
Such a fine SUPERHERO...may this NEVER change
Have a very happy Rosie

Marla said...

How wonderful! There is nothing as wonderful as having a super hero to look up to and be loved by.