Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Fun Slipping Away

I learned one thing about myself this summer...I am not a summer blogger :)  When you live in Minnesota where you only have 3 tiny little months of sunshine (in a good year) there are just too much summer fun to be had! 

Too Many...

...shells to collect,

chickens to chase,

sparklers to light,
raindrops to catch,
(yes, the poor boy is in heart boots).

Too many...

...outdoor movies to watch

races to win,

marshmallows to roast,
balls to catch,

fieldtrips to take,

sprinklers to jump in,

tricycle rides to take,
Too many family kickball games.

That is my mom out there in right field!

So you really isn't my fault. 
 I am blaming the sunshine. 

One more day, school starts Tuesday & then maybe I will behave  like a good little blogger...maybe :)   


Two Shades of Pink said...

I have to tell you that though I missed you, I am so proud of you for the bloggy hiatus. And I loved these pictures. Your family is worth every moment and more. They are precious...even if they were not the source for some fun and laughter for us devoted readers throughout the summer. I know you got stories girl. Dish em up! And school starts Tuesday for us too. Let's race to see who gets the First day of School photo up first. But be there for me when I cry since it is my first one. Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

With all that fun I don't blame you for not blogging. There are lots of months ahead that will be good times to blog. Enjoy the sunshine and those wonderful children at play as much as you can. The pictures are all terrific. Your beautiful children always look so happy and the pictures you share always depict such fun times. Hugs

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh honey we don't blame you at all..sharing these sunshine moments with your precious babies is way more important than blogging. Even though I have missed you something awful.
You should be a producer or director because your post are always just so prefect.
How is my other sweet sister Kate doing. Tell her hello for me.
I just adore all of these pictures.
Sorry your summer is going by so fast...I spent one summer in Michigan and loved every minute of it.
I have to say this was a summer I am hoping will fade out of my mind one of these days.
Oh by the way Libbie you scared me when u commented about being pregnant ..I thought you were trying to tell me something about u until I reread it. I do know in my case that would be a real miracle especially since Tinkerbell is the only thing that has been on top of me in a long time
Hope only u read this comment..
I hope your dad is doing good

Martina said...

I think your blog was amazing all summer long with all the fun things and sweet pix you posted - you can be proud of yourself! Summer is too short, i totally agree ;)

Victoria said...

I can't blame you one bit for taking the time with your kids! It looks like you made the most of your summer together and hopefully they'll return to school rested and ready to learn.

You've got beautiful kids. I LOVE the race car picture!

And it's so strange to think that you guys only get three months or so of summer weather! For us, it's pretty much the exact opposite.

blueviolet said...

I can't blame you for living life during the summer! I feel the same way in Michigan!

Karen said...

Aww, Libbie, you had a glorious summer! Don't blame you one iota for spending time outside! (Am glad all is okay,...just missed ya.) Love those darling pics. Whose chickens are they chasing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us a glimpse into your summer. Looks lovely and like so much fun! Sometimes it is better to be in the moment than worry about blogging or anything else! Have a great labor day.

koralee said...

Oh my did all the important stuff..blogging can wait.

Hugs and have a great start to the school year. xoxoxo

Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like everyone is having lots of fun.

marie said...

Great summer photos! Making memories with those sweet children is way more fun (and important) than blogging! Love the photo of Bo taking his little friend for a spin and the one of Annie and Rocco on the trike is adorable!

Marla said...

What?? You mean to say you have a REAL life?? LUCKY!!!