Friday, September 10, 2010


Well...I survived the first week of Annie going to school all day.  I know that sounds funny, but in the morning as she leaves and the boys wave goodbye to her & Daddy, I look at the boys & wonder how on earth we will make it until 3:30. 

Annie always kept them busy & was their main source of entertainment.  Now...they look at me. 

Normally, we would play in the backyard & go to parks, but our backyard is under construction  (new deck) & it was about 55 degrees & rainy all week.  So, I was actually worried.  What does one do with 2 boys ALL DAY!!!  :)

Well, Bo baked cookies!  Turns out he likes to bake.
Although, THIS was a bit of a problem...
Oh & not to mention the 1/2 eaten marshmallows I found when I opened my flour bin!
(Just a warning that you might not want to eat anything I bake.)

But, the cookies turned out pretty tasty & Bo was pretty proud.
I also discovered this week that Bo is TERRIBLE at playing "Don't Spill the Beans."
He only likes to get about 2 beans on there before he can stand it any longer & he just HAS TO dump them off.
He loves that part. 
 But actually, that makes me pretty good at it because I always win :)

And when Annie finally did come home...we welcomed her eagerly!

And the kids love to run & wave to her ride.
I love sitting down & hearing about her day.

Well...we are figuring out how to manage.  I am loving my time teaching Bo new things & giving Rocco some extra lovin'. 

But, I will be honest...This is one Mama who loves it best having ALL her kids home!
Hope you had a great week too!!!


-stephanie- said...

Yum on the cookies. Great job Bo.
It's nice when the kids are gone for awhile but oh so much better when they are home. I have a half day kindergartener, so it's not so bad yet.

Osmosis said...

You are one AWESOME mama!

Victoria said...

It looks like you had a wonderful week! This is a great opportunity for you and the boys to try new things together, and it looks like they're enjoying it!
I need a Bo--I love to bake and Sweet'ums hasn't decided to be my helper yet. She'd just rather eat the end results.

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohhh, little Annie at school!
I like my kids around too and will definitely miss Amelie when she goes to prep in February.
hope she had a great day, gorgeous sign ♥

clau said...

how cutie!! That's her first day of school! She' s so lovely and your little boy has a wonderful smile!

Angela said...

I wanted to cry over this post because I can SO relate. I think I may end up crying by the time I finish commenting. lol

I'm SO like you, I love having my children home (even though my youngest is 14 and the eldest 21), I STILL love having them home.

Shaneah attended her first day of high school this week.Thank goodness I had the wee ones to care for in my daycare because I would have bawled I think the entire day...

I hate that commerical just before school 'it's the most wonderful time'..I'm thinking NOT! Having them home is a wonderful time@!

Annie looked just beautiful on her first day of school. The boys are just so precious. Bo had me giggling in that picture of him spilling the beans,lol. Rocco just melts my heart (that is what they do when their that size,lol)..

The first picture..well that is what made me want to cry BIG TIME. I remember when my eldest left for school and I had his 18 month old brother at home with me.

"mommy, when Randan come home"..

"after nap time Asher"

"I go sleep"

Talk about wanting to cry..

Theresa said...

Good morning Libbie! Wow I have missed out, kinda gave myself a little time-out from blogging, didn't really want to, just way too busy! Well, I just played catch up and it looks like Annies first day was a success! She is so cute in her pink boots ( Hannah had some that she wore everyday!) and uniform. I about cried when I saw the pic of her teacher praying with her before she entered her classroom. That had to just fill you with love for the woman all over again I'm sure! Now about Bo's cookies... they look delicious! I'm pretty sure that's how all little boys bake, one choco. chip for the cookies and two for me! Love the marshmallows in the flour, so Bo! Your summer pics look like you all had a wonderful time, good you so deserve it. Have a fabulous weekend! Theresa xoxo

Two Shades of Pink said...

Libbie, You are seriously one of my favorite reads. I just love your candor and that you are sweeter than I could ever dream of being. While you baked cookies and made banners I was all blue and weepy. My poor ella had to deal with sad me. I miss Cati too and what is so great is that I tell her I miss her but I am so excited and proud of her. She is doing so well! It is only 2 days a week for me right now but it is all day and our first time! So i need to remember I am so blessed....especially since I home school half the time and she goes to school the other half. But it is still new for all of us so I suppose I can allow for a little sadness. But your BO...and the marshmallows....laughing now. See? Your posts always make me laugh.

Karen said...

Libbie, adorable photos. I adore the one of you and Annie! Wonderful, touching post. I do love your creativity with the kids. (I promise not to look in the flour bin.) :P

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well I feel ya here. It's different. My house was cricket quiet.

I bet she was so proud to see that banner on the garage. You are one sweet mama. Everyone will adjust. Meanwhile just enjoy your new bonding time with those sweet boys of yours. Before you know it they'll be gone all day too!

koralee said...

Your posts always warm my are the BEST MOM!!!! Hugs. xoxo

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That first picture of the little brothers in their underpants is absolutely priceless!

Darling post, and tell Annie I'm proud of her!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I can relate...I sent a first grader off, too. I had mixed emotions about it because it's such a huge change for him and me. I bet she was thrilled to see the banner just for her..

Your kids are so sweet and adorable!!


Cassie said...

Cute, cute! We are going to miss my girl when she goes off to school for sure. Looks like you guys found some fun!

Kate said...

Now I understand why your cookies turned out edible. Bo baked them!!! And someday, after the wedding, I will take Bo for the day. But only after the wedding. I need to make sure my house is still standing...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bo your cookies look so yummy. What lucky, lucky kids to have such a wonderful mom. You always do the most wonderful, fun things with them. Love all the pictures. Hugs

Chrissy said...

LOVE that last picture! :)

Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

Oh my! Your children are just darling! Congratulations to your 1st grader, hope she had a great day. Looks like you and your boys were able to pass the day just fine:)

Those cookies look yummy!

Marla said...

Dear Bo ~

Please tell your mama that I would eat your cookies filled with half eaten marshmallows and little boy finger germs anyday. Also tell her the photos of all you kids make me cry and wish all my kids lived on my street.

Oh, one last thing...tell your mama she is a great mama!

Love ~


Rosie said...

Oh sweet one, you make me S*M*I*L*E...I want to come for cookies and a cuppa...just to enjoy the entertainment first hand...Your babies are so delightful, I would get NOTHING done...
...Still Smilin'....Rosie

blueviolet said...

So what's the secret to getting your cookies puffy like that? Mine are always flat!!!!

How adorable with the welcome home!

amy2blessings said...

Thank you for stopping by our blog.
I'm following you back.
Have a blessed week:)