Friday, February 12, 2016

Hamster Valentine Box Tips

Annie's Hamster Valentine Box

I know what you are thinking,
"That's a hamster?!  I thought it was a cat!"

But my girl wanted a hamster box.
So it's a hamster.  
Trust me it looked like a hamster in my head before we started.  
 Lucky you, you can now make a hamster OR a cat!

It's just paper Mache & slap on fur, so
there really aren't "directions" just some tips.

2 days needed.

The most helpful tip is what we papered over.
We stuffed 2 gallon ziplocs full of paper towels and duct taped them together.

Stuff it good!   It needs to be strong!
Don't worry when you remove them later just stack them up & you can still use them.

Then, they just Paper Mache.

When it is dry cut 3 side of a square (steak knife) to make 
a door flap in the belly & pull out the paper towels.

Use a glue gun to wrap with fur.

The front and back are tricky but you'll get the hang of it...wrap it like a gift, butting the colors up against each other. Start on the top and wrap downwards.  Anywhere the hamster was a little odd shaped we added folded paper towels under the fur to round him out.

Then, add your embellishments,
heart buttons & whiskers stolen from our broom.  
We used fun foam for the eyes & nose.  
Ears cut from fur with longer flaps in the back.

 I just freehand cut her name out of cardstock.

She loves her little hammy.
Even if it does look like a cat.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Annie, your hamster box is adorable! You guys make the cutest Valentine's boxes I've ever seen.