Friday, February 12, 2016

Rocco's Tarantula Valentine Box

Tarantula Valentine Box

Rocco's box took the most time this year. 
But he fell in love with the hot glue gun.


2 large empty "Whipped Topping" containers

2-3 wire hangers

3/4 yard fur

google eyes

hot glue gun

paper for stuffing
we used some copper pipe insulation for 97 cents

Duct Tape 

Fun Foam

First, eat the whipped cream.
We actually put it in the freezer into big Ziploc bags.

Then, pad the containers.

You could just crumple paper around the sides and tape it on.

Then just drop some fur over it, tuck, wrap & and hot glue.

We trimmed and glued it right to the edges.

If you have a small head you can wear it.

Wrap both the containers.

Cover the lids.

Now, the next part is not as fun.
Legs. 8 of them.
Bend hangers back and forth until they break.
4- 12 inch & 4- 11 inch

Roll it up, hot glue it shut, and you have a leg.

I trimmed a little off the back to make a tab for gluing it on the body.

I glued the toes together after it was secured onto the spider.

Now just glue EVERYTHING together.
bodies & legs.

Then just add eyes & a smile, and a heart if you'd like.

 I read that tarantulas can have as many as 10 eyes!
We thought 4 were nice.

Happy Spider, happy boy!


Trisha said...

Both of the Valentine boxes are way too cute! You guys are so creative and of course little boys would love spiders and snakes!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is one of the most interesting Valentine's boxes I have ever seen. Way to go Rocco!