Friday, February 12, 2016

Snake Valentine Box Directions

Bo's Cobra Valentine Box


 3 copper pipe insulation 
(.97cents a piece)

a metal hanger

spray paint

oatmeal can

hot glue gun

google eyes

cardstock for the tongue

Tape the 2 of the 6 feet lengths of insulation together with packaging tape to make one Loooong strip.

Hot glue the strip around the oatmeal can.

The third strip you will really just use a 
few inches to make the hood.

Fold a metal hanger into thirds and 
shove it down that snakes neck :)

Fold it how you would like!

Then I forgot the picture but also close up the end of the face with a little circle cut from your extra strip.  Just hot glue it in- but leave the bottom unglued until you tuck the tongue later.

The best part for the kids is:

Spray Paint!

(We took 2 coats & picked a shiny paint, CHEAP shiny paint!)

After it dries, glue the eyes & tongue on & you are set!  

Now stuff that snakes belly with some candy!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love it! Bo, you did an amazing job.