Saturday, October 17, 2009

Costume Craziness

This is my Annie. 
This is the Bee costume I made for her last Halloween.  Simple.  Sew a few stripes on a dress I bought at Target.  Guess what Annie wants to be this year?
Little Orphan Annie. 

Now you see the pile that sits on my kitchen table waiting to be turned into Little Orphan Annie's dress.  Should be funny...see I don't really sew.  I wish I sewed, I have a sewing machine...but I am really terrible at it.  When I dug my sewing machine out today to tackle the project one part was missing & one part was broken!  "BO!"  (That is my 2 year old son).  In a week from today I need this pile to be a cute little dress.  Here we go!  Check back next week & please...Pray!
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The Walvatnes said...

For a girl that can turn a piece of glass into a beautiful piece of art for her living room- I have total faith. Can't wait to see the finished project!

Auntie Cake said...

If there is anyone who can't sew that can turn that piece of cloth into a dress, it's you. Enjoy the process! I will babysit for you. Okay, maybe at your house...

havasuhugs said...

love that picture of Annie! :-) I love those kinds of projects where you know what you want and not how you are going to get there! I always have my mom on standby. hehehe