Friday, October 16, 2009

My Favorite Things

I confessed in my last post that growing up, I would sing Broadway Musical songs often to annoy my older sister. I still am singing Broadway musical songs! I love them! I even named my first child Annie! So in it only appropriate that my first post after my intro would be based on one. I thought I would share just a few of my favorite things so you could get to know me a little.

First up...God! He is my savior and my life decisions are based on a deep faith in Him. You can't know me with out knowing that I am a Christian & I live for him.

You knew it was coming...My family! Annie, Bo & Rocco. I am sure you will be seeing a lot of these little buggers. I always said that I never wanted to collect anything because I didn't want people to give me items for my collection every chance they got. Well these little chickens stole my heart & I do have a little collection. I probably have about 10. Mostly displayed in my kitchen windowsill but a few in other spots around my home. Now I wish people bought them for me! Sadly...My Mom is the only one who has bought a few for me :) Actually My Mother-in-law passed one down to me that was her moms! That was exciting! Aren't they cute?!

Coffee!!! I LOVE coffee. I drink it black at home but who doesn't love it loaded with chocolate or caramel at Starbucks? My sisters think I am nuts because I spend lots & lots of my husband's hard earned money there...but one sip...relaxes my whole body! My husband Kelly agrees & if he thinks I am getting crabby...he will sneak out & run & grab me a mocha...Nonfat, decaf, no whip. My kids are as addicted to Starbucks as I am. When my kids turn one I love to get them the kiddie steamers for a buck.'s a buck!
Red & Polka-dots. This pic covers 'em both :). The heart of my home, the kitchen has them both. I will blog later about my kitchen...because I love it! Red was the color of my childhood bedroom & I trace my love for it back to that red gingham wallpaper (love gingham too). Every summer I find myself buying at least one tube of red lipstick. And I never met a polka-dot I didn't like.Jeans! I will refrain from showing you a pair of mine as they are way too big. But hey...I am working on that-cut me some slack here :) But I do love a comfy pair of jeans & nothing makes me crabbier then putting on a pair of drees pants. Sunday mornings are very hard for me as I don't like to wear jeans to church...thus my Starbucks trip to cheer me up. Even Rocco love his little jeans! That's my boy!

I will leave you with the words Annie & I made up for her that go with My Favorite things:
Cupcakes, tea parties & fluffy pink tutus,
Walking around in my plastic high heeled shoes,
Dancing & twirling with mom as we sing....These are a few of my favorite things.
Bunnies & doughnuts & going to Sunday School,
Playing with my cousins around in Rachy's pool.
Playing at the Park with my Dad on the swings...These are a few of my favorite things!
You know the rest :)

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