Friday, October 16, 2009

My Story

This is where my story starts. The middle girl sandwiched between 2 others. Katie, Libbie & Rachael...The Carlson girls. We had so much fun growing up together.  Thanks to my loving amazing parents I have a million memories of a happy, wonderful childhood with my 2 built in best friends.

This is us now all grown up & all staying home 10, & counting, kids between us. I still am in the middle. 20 minute drive northish to Rach, 20 minute drive south to Kate. I would get jealous if it were any other way. I see a sister probably 3-5 days a week. And days I don't...well, I am either REALLY busy or on the phone with one all day. It is so fun to be raising our kids together. The kids are all so close that they act like siblings rather than cousins.
We are all so different, yet so the same. Even though our last names have changed we are still...The Carlson Sisters.

These are my kiddos. This is the best picture to explain my life right now. This is my Annie's first Day of Kindergarten.

Here is my whole fam on a recent trip to Northern Minnesota. I met my husband the last semester of college & after a little "stalking" (him the victim), he fell right into my trap & ended up married to me. He is an amazing man. We are a happy little bunch. Life is so good that sometimes I almost worry that something bad is just lurking. But for now...I will enjoy my little blessed life and thank God for it every single day. Thanks for reading as I blog about our simple life.


The Walvatnes said...

I would hardly call- "I'll play Barbie's with you if you give me your gum"
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My barbie went off a cliff, she's dead- I played with you, now give me the gum."
'Playing Barbie's' til you were too old. ;)

Shelley Roppe said...

Very fun to read, Libbie!
We'll find a time in the next week or two for me to hook you up with a coffee fix.

Nodryskin said...

Great Blog!! Warm, Friendly and inviting!

Amy said...

Love it! Your blog makes me smile. I checked out your friend's lipgloss site - cookie dough sounds yummy! Could I stop licking my lips though?

havasuhugs said...

:-) You have such a great way of telling your story! It makes me smile and really gives me a glimpse of your life now! Thank you for sharing!

Hud's Mommy said...

I can totally see Annie and Bo in your baby picture!