Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Puppy Bobo

    With a sick babe I hadn't really worked on Bo's costume yet & his first Halloween Party was at noon today.  I had a lot of gluing to do this morning but I really thought Bo looked adorable when the costume was finished. 
     The costume really is just made out of a girl's sweatsuit from Target.  I turned it inside out to make it fuzzier.  (Each piece of the sweatsuit was only $3.50 in the Toddler department.)  I used an extra pair of sweatpants for the hat.  I turned them upside down & cut off the legs.  I used the extra legs to make the tail & the ears.  He didn't really like the collar :)  But he kept the costume on!

Bobo The Puppy

We sprayed Annie's hair orange today for the party.

We didn't intentionally have "Annie & Sandy," but when Annie & Bo are together they remind me of them.  When Annie was little she had an imaginary dog name Dumbdog, all one word, because she thought that was Sandy's name.  It is hard not to say that today, "Come here Dumbdog."   Oh Sweet Bo.

It is very hard to get pictures of 2 kids together...this is the best I could do!


Brenda P said...

What adorable costumes -- Great job on both of them! I think every mom of more than one child has lots of pics with one walking away, turning around, glaring ... they're actually pretty cute. And your poodle doodle is cute, too -- ever thought of being an illustrator? :)

The Walvatnes said...

They turned out so great!!! I love Ann & Dumbdog!!!!

Chrissy said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! And what an awesome job you did on their costumes!