Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make it Count

We are getting a BIG SNOW right now as I type.
And when you think of us Minnesotans you might be thinking,
"It's suppose to snow!  You live in Minnesota!"
But by now we are usually wearing shorts to school,
even if our legs are cold.
Most people like to hunker down when it starts piling up,
but not my husband, so when I suggested
we go grab a treat he was in. 
We got our jammies on to go out. 
We piled in the car & headed down the road.
Three hours ago it had been green
& we had hope that Spring might come.
Kelly was just happy to get the chance to
spin the tires while I grab onto the dash board going, "Kelly!" 
His eyes always twinkle when I furrow my brows at him.
(& I wonder why my boys are rascals)
But he always manages to get us where we need to go safely,
and tonight we needed to get here:
Then like magic,
just stepping through this door turns a frosty night...
...into a cozy one.
I'm not gonna lie...
there was a little ruckus with Roo
& some flying chocolate for Kit,
And I went home with my jeans looking like this:
(Yes, that IS practically my whole leg)
I even took Roo for a cold timeout in the snow
because I don't let him carry on in restaurants.
But there was a also a bit of this:
and a bit of that:
Oh & some of this too!
and by the time we left I knew
it was a night we had made count.
And now it's here, captured.
In twenty years when people are still talking about
"the snowiest April back in 2013"
 and Kit doesn't remember a thing about it,
I'll show him how I put his car seat
out in the snow for him to enjoy a few flakes.
I also am a little magical,
 just turned his blankie over & Poof!...clean!
Not so much with my jeans.
Here's hoping for a snow day! 


Jo said...

Aww, a very special time for everyone. :-)

Theresa said...

We don't have the amount of snow that you do, but spring sure is taking it's sweet time getting here this year! Today was a sweatshirt to school day but Max informed me that we are supposed to get snow on Thursday. ugh. The babes are all so adorable, little Kit is getting so big! I love Annie's glasses, and the shots of her and Bo chatting, so sweet. Time out is good... Max got xbox taken away this morning, sometimes being a mom doesn't make us the most popular person in the house... I'm ok with that!
Have a warm and cozy day! love, t.xoxoox

bunny said...

You are a brave women, traipsing through all that snow....with kids...lol But I understand completely. I'm pretty sure you and your hubby were meant for each other.


Marissa said...

Oh my goodness... I hope the snow melts soon for you... You are such a good mama

It's me said...

O no !! snow in April !!...please let spring come for you and your familly !!...love Ria...xxx..

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hard to believe your having snow! What a fun idea going out for a treat. Sweet memories for sure....

Martina said...

Oh Libbie, this April is CRAZY! We had snow here too until a week ago, and now all of a sudden it's spring and everything is a bloom at once. I feel dizzy when i go outside, it's so pretty but i'm no adjusted yet! Your post is very sweet. More from me soon! Happy snow day! xx