Monday, April 15, 2013

It forgot to come...

Today, everyone is in their
and we have our
ready to go.
But Spring forgot to come.
Not stopping us though.
We are just pretending it came.
Today we were "jumping in puddles" & "catching butterflies."
Spring really is too much fun to let it slip by.
So even if it is 34 degrees & snowy,
we are gonna do Spring anyway.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Cute boots! Can't believe you still have snow.

Cheryl Goode-MacKinnon said...

Sending you warm wishes & bright sunshine ~ None of that here either, but at least we don't have Snow!
it actually got to 68 today for about 3 hours, then the cold front started moving in.... 40's again tomorrow & rain. I keep telling myself, "April showers bring May flowers" hope it works, cause there ain't no flowers here! lol
Stay Warm & keep those nets handy

Martina said...

TEE HEE - Just like us here! But finally spring has mercy on us and brings out some sunshine and flowers! Since 2 days ... hope it's going to last! xox

Marissa said...

Loving the rainboots!! Hope the sun stays and melts the snow...

pollydove said...

Oh my gosh! SAME thing here!!! I walked down the stairs yesterday, looked out my front window and there was a blanket of white on our lawn. WHAT?! Then snow flurries this morning too ... pretty crazy, but I am a girl who prefers the cold to the heat, so unlike everyone else around me, I'm not complaining! (Sounds like you aren't either.) SO, ENJOY!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh that is just to cute!!!!