Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hats Off to Roo


I wish so badly that you knew Roo...I mean REALLY knew him.
He is the hardest of all my kids to say no to because he is so stinkin' sweet.  Plus, he has really long eyelashes that he bats at me,
gets me every time.
On Saturday he turned 3.
We used the morning to get ready for a little party.  I just got home from dragging the kids to Target for a few party supplies & he looks up at me, "Where are the party hats?"
Party hats! 
I didn't get any party hats...
and those eyes...they really do get me.
So we dragged out the felt box & got to work.
We just glued felt to cardstock and used a headband.
The kids told me what shape they wanted,
 I cut & they decorated.
I was really surprised how much fun we had,
and what a mess we made.
But, before we knew it we had hats for the gang,
& Annie was stuck with a cupcake on her head.
(hey~her idea not mine :)
She rocked it,
& everyone looked equally ridiculous.
& I do mean EVERYONE!
Which only added lots of giggles to the party.
(Uncle Dan is a good sport.)
Roo was particularly fond of his crown.
He thought it was fabulous,
& I even found him taking a selfie with Annie.
& wouldn't you know...
when his cousins FaceTimed him with birthday wishes...
He insisted on wearing his crown.
Saturday I lost my favorite Instagram hashtag #roo2
& #roo3 doesn't have the same flair...but were doing it anyway.
Here is to a fab #roo3.
Love you Roo.


Auntie Cake said...

Oh yeah... I too, wish everyone got to know the little man in person. He is quite the charmer! It was a fun birthday party. It is hard to decide which was my fave hat, the birthday boy's hat, or the cupcake. Roo certainly rocked the birthday crown, but the cupcake has a special place in my heart too.

Hope that ball from the 6'5" soldier hasn't broken anything yet...

It's me said...

Owww so sweet everyone with a hat...3 years !!! from me...Ria...x !

Jo said...

Wow, three, such a special age. I hope he has a great year and enjoys every minute of it.

Little Penpen said...

Aw, happy birthday, Roo! I love the crown too.... I like all the hats! Great memories, mom!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday to Roo! Those party hats came out so cute. Your the sweetest mom and your parties always look like fun!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ....I really love these hats .Gee Libbie I try so hard to do something that you just do so easy like-Oh gee I forgot the party hats oh well I know lets make some....Me it would be Kevin I have to go to the shop quick help hurry up ...Love you Libbie-dee x

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

So very cute! Your children are adorable.