Thursday, April 24, 2014

She Asked For It!

Since we don't go to the neighborhood school
sometime Annie just gets a tad lonely for some girlfriends.
Last year, at about this time, Annie said to me,
"Mom...I prayed that I would get a new friend."
Exactly one week later a "For Sale" sign
went up on the house directly across the street.
A day later it sold,
to a family with one child...
...a 9 year old girl.
And God provided the perfect little playmate right across the street.
Her church group is filled with the sweetest little girls this year,
and for the first time in five years her class at school...
got a new girl,
who Annie quite adores.
Annie joined hockey and instantly fell in love with her teammates.
God is real.
God heard,
and loves my little girl.
He saw her heart and He answered swiftly.
He answered generously.
Annie sees it too.
And we are all so thankful.
Maybe there is something on your heart?


-stephanie- said...

The power of prayer is sooo big, and how awesome that He listens to every one of our prayers.
Thanking God for hearing and answering Annie's prayer.

It's me said...

Happy weekend you Ria...x !

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Such a sweet post and I'm thrilled for Annie. My God is an awesome God!

Shelby Beach said...

God is good! He always places the perfect people in our life ( not perfect people) but people that help us grow and learn. I have all different friends, some completely opposite of me. Those have helped me grow in an awesome way! I hope God provided some of those girls for Annie too;0)