Monday, April 28, 2014

Join In The Fun

So Annie is nuts for the CHARM IT! charms
...I mean totally crazy about them!
Right now they are having a pretty cool contest!
12 winners win:
 100 dollars gift card for the CHARM IT! site,
a donation to ArtStart in their name &
their drawing made into a charm!
Now we think that is the coolest part of all.
Annie has some of last years charms designed by kid designers.
She always sings,

loves our trips to the ocean,

plays in the snow half the year :),
is very Irish,

and my all time favorite:
cause she & I are sushi girls.

I mean I just smile back at the little guy!
We both think it would be pretty amazing to have a design made into a charm that other girls will wear because it means something special to them.
This weekend we had a few girls over
& they worked on designing charms.
We rounded up all our Crayola and

printed off a stack of entry forms.

The girls researched last years winners to get inspired.

Then they got busy designing.

It was the sweetest, quietest little group
because they were so busy working.

There were some pretty creative girls!

Each girl picked a pack of crayons to take home. 

So tomorrow I will get their entries in the mail
& then the waiting begins...

The winner announcement is on Annie's birthday
she thinks it's a good sign :)

I just smile & raise my eyebrows, and say,
"We already had fun either way."

So come on join in the fun!
Look at last years winners HERE
& download an entry form HERE,
& check out ArtStart HERE!

Maybe somebody will be wearing your girl's charm next year!

Plus, "Charm Designer" is pretty cool for bragging rights for a girl.
...not that we'd ever brag ;)


Breezy said...

What a fun afternoon for that group of girls! Can't wait to hear the results :)

Little Penpen said...

Go! Annie! (and friends) Good luck!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That sounds like a perfect party for a group of young girls. Nice starter charm bracelets. I've always loved charm bracelets......

It's me said...

What a fun !! from !