Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Annie's List

   Every Thanksgiving I have Annie make a list of what she is thankful for.  This is the first year that she wrote her own list (with much spelling help).  I was very surprised and delighted!

   Creation, beautiful days, good memories, fun!   This is the first year that she did not fill her list with "stuff"  Usually dollies & toys were the first things she thought of.  It just warmed my heart!
   I thought I should ask Bo this year, so I did, and he answered,  "Jesus."  I was sooo happy, he hasn't really shown understanding yet of Jesus.  Then he said, "Jesus is bad.  Jesus is a robot."  Well that sure dashed my excitment quickly!

   It is so against what I believe that it was even hard to type that!  I have so much to thank the Lord for that I will make my list & spare you from reading it but just know...I am thankful for you!


He & Me + 3 said...

Annie's list is just precious. She writes very well too.

karen said...

awww annie's list is just so sweet they grow up so quickly don't they. I'm sure Bo will soon learn and understand it all in his own time.

The Walvatnes said...

Where does Bo come up with his thoughts? Odd kiddo :)

koralee said...

Sweet post...Annies list is adorable.

Deborah Ann said...

Aw, what a sweet list! I think the best thing in the whole wide world is hearing how much our children love Jesus!

JAMCAT's said...

Hi Libbie - I see that you are a new reader to my blog so I thought I would stop over and say Hi. Since you are reading my blog it's only fair that I read yours. :) I don't know much about you, but I will. I 'll go back and read some of your older posts.

That's cute about Annie. :) Very nice list. And Bo? well that just made me laugh. I remember a few years ago when my son was talking about Jesus he turned around said "I don't like Jesus - he has too many rules. I thought YOU had a lot of rules but Jesus has way more. So I love you more then Jesus". He was 4 at the time. So we had a little chat how Jesus only has rules for us to protect us becuase he loves us so much. And that he should love Jesus more then anything. As even mommy couldn't love him as much as Jesus does.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh how very precious! I love BOTH their answers. To know that little one's that young even know the name of Jesus is impressive in today's world.
May God continue to bless your family.

Sage said...

Wishing you a nice and peaceful thanksgiving

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I second that list. Great photo and great smile!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oh Libbie, I'm just sick with laughter. Girl, you say it like it is! Annie is so darling, but Bo, well that's just like a boy! (I'm still laughing). Unfortunately many adults still feel the same.
OK, I need to go wipe my eyes, I've laughed tears down my face.
Glad you found Common Ground, good to hear from you over there also!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh what a delightful picture, she is adorable, and love her creations.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday


(¸.•´ (¸.+´♥♥¸.+´
(¸.•´ (¸.+´♥ Heidi ♥)

blueviolet said...

What a darling little list she made!

-stephanie- said...

What a sweet list, and what a beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

I love Annie's list. So precious! She is a doll. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Lisa said...

Aww Annie's list is so sweet and Bo, as usual, made me laugh out loud.

dawn said...

That list is precious. PRECIOUS! I'm afraid of what my nine year old and 13 year old might write...:)

Thanks for following my blog!