Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spotlight Sites

   I am a new blogger and am REALLY loving all of your ideas! Every so often I want to tell other people about you! 

   My favorite site is Auntie Cake's.  She is an amazing mom!  She got me going blogging.  Her blog is a "real" blog with talent & a tale of the magical childhood she has managed to create for her kids as well as mine. (Did I mention she is also my big sis?) 

   If you go to her October 28th post there is an adorable story of a nature walk, with my daughter, turned adventure beginning with a visit to her fairy garden and ending with an adorable craft using all the goodies they picked up along the way.  When Annie visits Auntie Cake's (which is often) she throws off her coat & asks, "So what do you have planned for me today Cake?" 
   I hope you take the whimsical adventure with them!

   Yesterday I found Polka Dot Daze .  She said her sewing machine was sick & when it got better she was going to make one of these:

   Well, my sewing machine is broken too.  But as soon as I read her story I pulled mine out to take it in too!  Doesn't every little girl need one?!  SO...I need you to hold me accountable!  

1)  Take my machine in. 
2)  Get my hands on a copy of this book.
3)  Buy the fabric.
4)  Get sewing!

This week I will do steps 1 & 2.
Next week 3 & 4.

Why don't you make one too?  Come on it will be fun!  I would love to do a post full of little houses! 


Auntie Cake said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I feel like a rock star!!! And am still working on the blog as it is still not what I envisioned. I have a lot of work to do!
PS- And now I am the biggest sister??? I certainly don't want to be oldest, can't I just be a plain old sister??? LOL

Anonymous said...

Sweet post! I love my sister too!! I feel so blessed to have a sister. I love the table cloth tent/house. That is just to cute!! I hope you can do it and post pictures. I wish I was talented with sewing. I do have a wonderful seamstress. I love her! Have a great day!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Hi ya. I had a sneaky feeling Auntie Cake was your sister - she sent me an email to enter in my Christmasy swap.
I really wouldn't bother about the book, unless you can get a copy from the library. There are a couple of other nice ideas in it though. But the instructions to make the play house are so basic, it's pretty much what you would gather from the pictures. If you email me so I have your email address, I am happy to email you the instructions.

Christine Oakes said...

Hey where are you taking your machine in? I have to take minein too!