Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Cards Past

   With Thanksgiving tommorrow I am officially frantic!  No good pictures of Bo for the Christmas card!  If he sees a camera he will instantly scowl!  Even if he was laughing his head off a second ago.

Here are our cards from years past:

                                Annie 6 mo.

                                           Annie 1

                                          Annie 2

Family Letter Inside:
   This year Annie's favorite daily activity is to play "Mary and Baby Jesus."  She fills our home with joy, and my eyes with tears, as I watch her raid the towel drawer for her headpiece, slip into her Cinderella high heels, and lovingly place baby Jesus in his manger (my big blue roaster).  She sings "Away in the Manger" or her favorite lullaby to Jesus.  I often watch quietly until I am assigned the part of Joseph and commanded to take her to Bethlehem.  She is a beautiful daily reminder to Kelly and me what Christmas is about.

                                                Annie 3, Bo 6 mo.

Family Letter Inside:
   This year we added Bo to our family.  Although we opted not to name him Prince Charming as suggested by Annie, it would fir him well.  He is finally growing into his cheeks but it does look like he will probably be a football player.  I am hoping for a quarterback, but I'd put my money on linebacker.
   As a monther nothing is better than seeing the love in both their eyes as they watch each other.  We are constantly amazed at the blessing of having both a little boy and a little girl.  She is so girly and he is already so boy.  However, as I enjoy daily ballet shows in our livingroom I know it will only be a matter of time until Bo comes down in a pink fluffy pink Tutu or Annie enjoys her first monster truck show.  We can't wait to discover what God has in store for our family in 2008.

                               Annie 4, Bo 1

Family Letter Inside:
   This year Bo was plopped into the "manger" and carried around by Annie, "You be Baby Jesus, Bo!"  Next year Bo will probably be forced to be a shepherd as the new baby will be proclaimed Baby Jesus by our little Mary.  Each year Annie adds more and more elements of the story.  Stuffed animals stand in for the sheep and donkeys in the stable behind the couch.  I will never tire of hearing Mary sing "Away in the Manger" to her baby.

Here is one of my favorite secrets...the picture where Annie looks so sweet and innocent as Mary.  Here is what she REALLY looked like:

(I love hearing those shoes on our hardwood floors!)

  Here is what I went through to get a good Halloween picture:

"Bo, stand next to Annie."

"Annie let go, Bo stand up"

"Annie stop jumping,  Bo look at me."

"Bo do you want some chocolate chips?"  Yes Annie, you can have some chocolate chips for smiling, Annie stop jumping!"

"Annie put your dress down.  Bo, Stand up!  Look at me!"

"Okay, let's try this again.  Look at me, that's good!  Look at me!"

"Oh, good Bo!  Now, open both eyes."

"Bo, come back here!"

"You can do it Bo...look at me, smile, open your eyes...YEAH!!!"

"Yes Annie, you can have your choclate chips now."

So you see...I am not looking for a perfect picture...just a smile from my Bobo.  Wish me luck!!!


Auntie Cake said...

I am surprised you were able to get so many pictures of him before he ran off. Last time I tried to take a picture of him, I said, "Bo smile." He said, "no" ran off and then I had to chase him for so long that I counted it as my exercise for the day.

Good luck making the sweet potato souffle. How did I get stuck with the green bean thing? That's what you usually bring...

Deborah Ann said...

Your Annie makes the perfect "Annie." What sweet, adorable children you have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those are so cute. I love that precious picture of her as Mary. So so sweet.
I put Christmas letters in our cards too. I think it makes it more personal then just a signature.
Loved the annie& puppy pictures too.

The Walvatnes said...

Good Luck!
Race you to getting a 3 child cooperative picture first!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh, oh, oh I am still laughing that the intense, gorgeous penetrating eyes of your daughter were so captivating yet the bottom was her kicky princess heels,baby doll (Jesus) and underwear! Love this post of pics thru the years!

karen said...

well you've got me in fit's of laughter with the halloween pic's. I guess I'm kinda lucky in that department River poses and say's cheese before I can even switch the camera on lol.
I love the photo christmas card idea, it is much more personal that a normal christmas card. I have never seen it before Is it a very popular thing over there?

Karen said...

I believe you will find a way. I love seeing your darling kids. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wylie said...

PRECIOUS PICS!!!! Christmas cards w/ family pics are SOOOO much fun!!!!!

Andrea said...

These are adorable...some days asking for a smile is like asking for a miracle.
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and get that adorable picture.

koralee said...

Ahhhh...good luck. Your children are adorable! My favourite is Anne at one year...amazing!

charmaine said...

oooh, girl, homemade pie on Vera Wang china, yes that sounds fabulous! but i could enjoy apple pie on a piece of paper towel, LoL!!!! that's how much i love homemade apple pie!

okay, your kids, BEAUTIFUL!!! with a capital "B". Annie's eyes are just gorgeous and Bo is as handsome as he can be. i am truly loving her version of Mary. she is "Couture Mary" with her Cinderella heels. keep it chic! so cute, i can't stand it! the picture with her holding baby Jesus with her Cinderella heels on and her head piece is priceless. she is truly creative. so, now Bo is baby Jesus? how cute. i love how she directs you guys. i really enjoy visiting your blog and reading your post, they are always so heart warming. i also love how your babies love Jesus! keep it up mom, your doing a beautiful job with your babies.

keep inspiring and i wish you and your family a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

God Bless,

honeypiehorse said...

Wow, you really go all out. THose are gorgeous cards.

Maria Confer said...

Love all these photos! Your children are so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you...I am follow you....Thanks for your prayers and stopping by...Now...Those Lil ones are so adorables....So precious! Love your blog....I love the Christmas card...You are so creatives ...Coming to your blog makes me smiles....Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving..Katherinellen

marie said...

Wonderful photos. I love the first one so much!!
The Halloween sequence was hilarious...very similar to a recent attempt at photos of my 3 grandbabies...all under age two.
Thanks for sharing all the sweetness!