Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rocco's Blanket

I have mentioned my mom maay times...but have I mentioned how talented she is?!
This week she finished Rocco's baby quilt.   Rocco was born in May and his cousin Calvin was born in March, so that means she finished 2 baby quilts!  Here is Rocco's!
It is so perfect that it is hard to believe she does this by hand!

She uses so many different textures.
And here is one of my favorite parts...she made him a matching monster!  Isn't he cute!!!
Rocco loves it!  He has already spent a lot of time with his quilt.  These are his first sitting up pictures!  He has been pretty good at it for a few weeks but poor third child I haven't taken any pictures of him sitting up until bear with me :)
From your first day Rocco, Nanna loved you very much!

Thank you Nanna!


Lisa said...

I just sat here with a cup or two of coffee and read your entire blog. Your stories about the kids make me actually laugh out loud. Reading your posts almost (Very almost) make me want to start over with my kids. They're 17 and 20 now.

Love your blog. Love that beautiful quilt and that is the cutest thing ever sitting up there by himself. :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

She does that by hand? Crazy! I have a few (older) friends who do quilting, and they would be amazed by that! There is a lady in the town where I work who does the part where you put them together and stitch- she would love that design and his name on it!

karen said...

awwwww he's so sweet.
Your mum has my deepest admiration I can't believe she does all that by hand. I keep meaning to have another go at a quilt but I never seem to have enough time to commit to such a large project right now. Maybe after christmas.

Chrissy said...

Beautiful quilt! My grandmother was a quilter, too, and in fact right now I'm looking at one hanging on my wall. Quilts are such a wonderful gift!

Rocco looks so much like you! What a cutie! :]

Karen said...

Your Mom has a wonderful talent, and the quilt is wonderful. What a keepsake. And as far as the baby pics, I say, bring'em on. I Love them!

Auntie Cake said...

Mom would be so proud. Rocco looks adorable sitting on it. Can't believe he is sitting already.

Heather said...

oh my goodness, he is so cute!! And that quilt is gorgeous!! Good work, it looks awesome!

Kristen said...

What a cutie pie! I love the quilt, but I especially love the accessory monster. Your mom is fabulous!

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Rocco really *is* the cutest thing ever! And he has a very talented Nanna! I like the matching monster too. What a great idea. It's a great gift and they're really great pictures!

marie said...

Oh my goodness...he is so cute! I LOVE the second photo!!
The quilt is wonderful. I love all the textures his nanna used. The little monster is sure to become a favorite toy!