Sunday, November 22, 2009

Funny Kid Post 6

Here is the 2 year-old Bo.

   I tried to sneak on to the computer to blog while he was happily watching his morning dose of Diego.  I heard a few noises in the kitchen but wanted to finish what I was typing before I checked it out.  This is what I found in the kitchen:
I knew he couldn't be far...I snuck up on him.
He froze when he saw me waiting to see what I would say.
When I just quietly snapped a few pictures he decided it was safe to resume eating.
Can you blame the boy for wanting a little pumpkin ice cream in the morning?


The Walvatnes said...

Thank goodness it was pumpkin- otherwise his aunty would bevery upset he's tainting her ice cream ;)

My Big Mouth said...

I miss when my kids were younger and did things like this.
Love the expression on his face when he was caught!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh how funny he looks as though he was having a great time enjoying that ice cream ;0)

Have a wonderful weekend

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Wylie said...

PRECIOUS!!!! I have 3 of those little ice cream craving boys in my house, and they can get sneaky! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

Those are the cutest photos, caught in the act! Bo, is such a cutie pie. Loved it!

Brenda said...


Mama SeWELL said...

So cute!! I love how he got hes on spoon & everything. Great photos!

Haley said...

hahaha, his expression when you caught him is classic! So cute!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No I can not blame him. I have the same problem myself. lol
These are darling pictures. Thanks for sharing them

karen said...

awwwww How cute do you think he could have chosen a bigger spoon hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice a resemblance between Bo's "caught in the act" picture and the Christmas card pic of his cousins? Family trait, maybe? :-)

Brenda P