Monday, November 2, 2009

Marshmallow Treats

   These are some nostalgic treats from my childhood.  I remember bringing them to my class, back in the day when you could bring homeade treats, for my birthday.  They were a hit!  I made them with my family last week.  They loved 'em!

My neice & daughter took their job
unwrapping the caramels very seriously.

Then they put the toothpicks in the marshmallows
while I was melting the caramel.

Next, time to dip!  That's when the boys showed up.

Then, into the crispies.


They are awfully sweet!

My niece Zadie doesn't like to eat brown she made hers VERY light on the carmamels & the crispies.

Let me know if you try them!

3 T milk
2 C. crispies
1 package caramels
1 package marshmallows

Put the toothpicks in the Marshmallows. 
Melt the caramel  & milk together in the microwave.
Roll in caramel.
Roll in crispies.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Your niece and daughter are adorable making them. I am sure they had fun. Have a great week!

koralee said...

Oh my goodness...this will soon become a favourite family treat in our home....a million thanks.